mexican strat

  1. J

    New pickups for 1996 Fender Strat (MIM)

    Hello All, I have a 1996 Fender Strat (Mexico) with all of the original parts. TBH, I like the way it plays but I have never liked the way it sounded. For me, it sounds too dull and muddy. I lowered the pickups which did make an improvement, but it really doesn't sound like a Strat. The tone...
  2. Davono

    Trading up!

    Hi guys. Thought I would share a little story. My recent hobby. Trading in guitars. I purchased a wrecked strat, 2003 Mex, and fixed it up. Spend €170 and then 30 quid for parts and paint. It's the blue one below. Then, sold it for €400. I took that and bought some guitars that needed a setup...
  3. H

    Looking for a Good set of Medium Hot pickups for Strat

    So, I have a MIM Hendrix Strat, it's not that great on its own but certainly with the upgrades it is getting better and the last thing I want to change is the pickups because the ones in there are too bright for my liking and too soft having not much clarity. I don't want a full Hot pickups...
  4. YellowCat

    Hi everybody, I'm new here!!

    Hi everybody, I'm the proud owner of a mexican strat. Although my guitar is not the best strat out there, I like it because we've shared a lot of good moments. Thanks for all the information that you share!!! Greetings!!!
  5. J

    Mysterious extra pickup inside strat

    Hello, I recently found my brothers old Mexican Fender Stratocaster in the attic and started to play it. The neck pick up wasn't working on it when I found out so I took off the pickguard and discovered an extra black pickup below the pots. It is a functioning pickup. I couldn't see the problem...
  6. Colestrat

    Thoughts on the 60s vintera pickups

    Does anyone have a 50s or 60s vintera strat? How are the pickups? What outputs do they have?
  7. V

    Ok nevermind I was wrong, you can delete

    I found this on reverb and my friend says it's a fake strat because of the price and the placement of the sticker is wrong and the pickguard and pickguard covers are wrong. How do I...
  8. O

    Fender FSR Mexican 60s lacquer strat

    Anyone know how much these are worth. Mexican made 60s lacquer Strat? including tweed case
  9. J

    Very a Beginer

    I just started playing 6 weeks ago. I bought an Ibanez SF420FM for $250, thinking all strats were $1000+ Then I found the Fender Player Stratocaster HSH. A shop owner agreed to sell me a new HSH for $300 and give him the Ibanez. It will be here on Thursday. I liked the Ibanez and thought it...
  10. LouieB125

    Strat Bridge Ashtray Fitting

    Hi, this is my first thread. I've had my mexican standard strat since 2017 and to keep myself occupied during the lockdown, I've begun customising it in my own way. I started by ageing the plastic parts in coffee, and now I'm buying parts online to change its looks. I started by getting myself...
  11. R

    Fender Stratocaster Road Worn 50's David Gilmour

    Guys I'm getting crazy here... what about a Fender Stratocaster Road Worn 50's David Gilmour? It's made in Mexico but the guy says that it has nothing to do with MIMs... Is it true? He also claims that the relic comes from the manufacturer. Is it another "scam" or can it be a good deal for...
  12. Richard_Byrne

    Getting My First Stratocaster for Recording

    Hey guys! My name's Richard and I'm a recording engineer in Dublin, Ireland. Long story short, I'm looking at getting a Strat for artists to use when recording, and I was looking for opinions on which model of Strat you'd like if you went in to record in a studio. Also, do you think it's worth...
  13. scogs

    Greetings from Hampton Roads

    Hello all, Been playing off and on for a long time. Have learned and forgot more songs than I care to think about. Just need more time to play. But, I love music, love playing the guitar, acoustic mostly. Some time ago I bought a maroon 2006 Mexican Strat and a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10s. The...
  14. S

    Is this a genuine body?

    Hi guys, i got an offer for a trade of one of my guitars for this strat, the guitar i will say looks pretty cool, however the guy claims it is a 1994 mim standard strat, i dont really know a lot about fenders, bu he says that the nck was replaced with an allparts neck due to a bad scalloping on...
  15. J

    1990 Mexican Strat

    I have a 1990 - 91 Mexican Strat. I've heard that the first few years of Mexican production was notoriously poor - which is evident on my Strat. I've gigged the guitar alot and have come to love it - the neck is fantastic! But it's getting to the stage that the original electrics, are...