1. P

    CN4 body shape

    Hi all. Does anybody know for sure if those Korean Squiers from 1994 do match the body shape of an "official" Strat?. I sometimes look at mine and can't see it "stratty" enough. Besides being about 5mm slimmer, the outter shape looks a little too flat and square. You can check out mine if you...
  2. HighwayStar106

    NGD - MIK Squier Bullet

    Now that shops are open again, I thought I'd finally try and get my hands on some sort of maple fretboard Strat, preferably in black as I'm a huge Clapton fan. I'd heard that one local shop had recently got a few new guitars in, so I went to check them out, but sadly there was only one maple...
  3. DrDiederick

    Started a new project MIK

    I got my hands on a Nice sounding MIK Stratocaster. It is a black MIK Fender Stratocaster Squier series (Serial Number CN303733). Unfortunately it is by a mile a guitar in the worst state that I have ever got. So I started refurbishing it from scratch. First I stripped it totally and...
  4. Chuck8436

    NGD 2009 MIK Epiphone Explorer

    Finally! After a few months of bad luck with several GCs across the US, GC Memphis packed this guitar very nicely! Ive bought and returned four or five guitars the past few months that were packed like crap and broke during shipping. And on top of that, this guitar is in IMMACULATE conditon! It...
  5. california2020

    1996 MIK Pro Tone Strat or MIJ Squier Bullet??

    Hello! I am torn between these two models: - 1996 MIK Pro Tone Strat, in a very good shape (400 €) - 1984 MIJ Squier Bullet, seems to be in a good shape (420 €) They are probably quite strange instruments, but I would love to have your opinion about them. How are they regarding quality? Would...
  6. 1012jammer

    Fender Strat, Squier Series, MIK, 1992, CN216514, Need Locking Tuners

    I'm looking for advice on buying some locking tuners for my MIK strat. I bought it way back in 1992, so i'm its only owner. .. The tuners are original. But lately, tuning stability is getting poor so I think it's time to replace the tuners with locking tuners. I prefer to buy something that fits...
  7. T

    Squier MIK 1996 50th Anniversary Strat Vs Vintage Modified Vs Deluxe

    Hi guys, I'm new here. So I have an Epiphone Les Paul Studio right now but want to trade it with a Strat. There's a few options that wanna do the trade. 1st Squier MIK 1996 50th anniversary gold logo with sienna burst finish. 2nd a Squier Vintage Modified made in India. 3rd Squier Deluxe Hot Rail.
  8. C

    Can anyone identify this squire bullet by fender

    Hi everyone I’m new here had this guitar for a while now got given it for free by my friend who had it for years and had got it from a charity shop somewhere. I have never seen any photos of a Strat that looks like this one! It has a 9 hole pick guard?! Varnished neck and headstock and an e9...