1. TrogdorBurninator

    Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Terror Dark

    Hey all. I was considering getting one of the orange "lunchbox" micro tube amplifiers, and I realized that they have a "dark" edition. It seems the dark edition has more gain and an effects loop. I play classic rock (Gun n Roses) as well as alternative/grunge (Alice in chains, Silverchair, ect)...
  2. M

    Orange crush 20 or champion 20?

    Hi all! As a beginner, I want to buy an amp. I have a multi-fx. It's between orange crush 20 and champion 20. I play pop, rock, hard rock and metal. Actually everything except jazz and blues. I also made a poll. thank you!!!
  3. KyStratman

    "Candy" Reranch-Orange?

    Mates, I am doing a new tele build using a great warmoth body. I Love candy tangerine and in the spirit of getting close to that, I was looking at the translucent reranch-orange and wondering if anyone had any experience spraying it over a metallic for a candy effect? I've tackled about 8...
  4. S

    Orange Two Stroke EQ vs Orange Baz Bangeetar

    I really love how the orange bax can produce orange sounds, however it is approx 2.5 times the price of the two stroke. Is it worth it to shell out for the Bax, and will it provide geniune orange sounds? I need an equalizer but love orange and dont have an orange amp (yet).
  5. TakeFlight138

    Thinking about selling my Orange head and cabs...

    Ok so i currently have the Orange TH-30 which i sometimes use thru my orange 1x12 and i also have an orange ppc 4x12 and the tone of the clean chanel is amazing and cuts thru like no like other but the distortion on the other hand just doesnt seem to cut thru the mix at all and its...
  6. H

    Used fender hot rod deluxe vs Orange CR60C

    Hi, I'm in the process of choosing a new amp with a budget of around £400 or under to be used for gigging relatively large venues with my band. We play mostly indie rock and British music but we play a real mix of genres and styles so the amp needs to be able to have a good clean channel and...
  7. diajkeene

    Orange 35RT vs. Boss Katana 50

    I play blues, classic rock and modern rock. My budget is about $260 (the cost of the Orange). I am a high school student (not a pro) and I'd use the amp for bedroom practice, band practice and small venue gigs. My inspirations would be John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Susan Tedeschi and so on, but I...
  8. dethknight32

    Looking for insight on next amp purchase.

    Hey there guys, I want to make this post to try and gain some knowledge about what model of amp to get. I currently own a Blackstar HT studio 20 tube amp($550 USD retail) and an Orange Crush 20RT($189 USD retail.) I only own one guitar which is a MIM Fender Strat with Custom '69 pickups inside...
  9. jrohlf301

    Hi Gain Bass Amp for Guitar?

    I'm planning on getting a bass amp to run my guitar into. I know bass amps don't usually have a lot of gain, but I'm looking for something akin to an Orange Rockerverb or OR100, or like the Sunn Model T Reissue. (The original is too clean personally) I love the bottom end of those two examples...
  10. 93-Strat

    Peavey Rage 258 vs Orange Crush 20

    Hey, I was wanting to see if anyone has experience with these amps. I have been thinking about getting one or the other to replace my Rage 158. I play mostly 90s alternative. What do you think would be better?
  11. 93-Strat

    Vox Pathfinder or Peavey Backstage

    Okay, I've been looking for a new Practice amp. I tried an Orange Crush 12 and hated it, tried a Peavey Backstage and it sounded much better. Sam Ash didn't have a Vox Pathfinder 10 around for me to try out but I've heard a lot of good things about it. So, can anyone shed some light as to which...
  12. 93-Strat

    Orange Crush 12 for Practice

    In the market for a new practice amp but I can't seem to find amy small tube amps I like . I started looking at the Orange Crush Series, the 12 specifically. Can anyone recommend this or give any perspective on it? I play a lot of 90's alternative rock and some metal like Tool.
  13. DinduNuffins

    Tiny terror

    Just pulled the trigger on a orange tiny terror for 299 at Sam ash... Described as used but mint condition. Is this thing going to melt my face off?