1. B

    Help Identifying Custom Shop Strat Pickups

    Hey, I bought a 40th Anniversary MIJ Strat yesterday. It has Custom shop pickups in it which I suspect aren't original as these came with ST-vintage USA pickups and don't have the 'red dot' to denote a TX guitar. My research suggests that these are Custom Shop Fat 50s due to the reverse wound...
  2. B

    Help me choose my pickups

    I need help deciding what pickups to put in my second strat! I already own all three sets.
  3. B

    Decisions decisions! Strat pickups: my three options.

    I have two strats. A 2005 AVRI '62 (Rosewood fretboard, Alder Body) which I'm about to install Fender HotNoiseless pickups in (I want this for hotter tones and no hum for studio work) and a 1993 MIJ '57 RI (Maple fretboard, Alder Body). I have three sets of strat pickups remaining, therefore I...
  4. O

    Any experience with…

    Anyone familiar with Fender Pure Vintage ‘65 pickups? I went down the pups rabbit hole but decided to stay with Fender. Want to swap the pickups on a 2019 Fender Player Strat. Current pups output: 7.1 / 7.7 / 8.2 n/m/b. Also own a CV 60s Mustang that has lower output pups and I gravitate towards...
  5. N

    Pickup Replacement for Late-70s Strat? Or new guitar?

    Hello everyone, First-time poster. I have a late-70s hardtail Strat in natural finish, maple neck, and black pickguard and hardware. Serial No. is S 920715. I believe it's a 1978. I am not sure if everything is original. The pickups are black plastic and I've never removed the pickguard to...
  6. I

    SRV signature strat, will there be stickers on the back of the pickups?

    I have an SRV signature strat I bought on reverb. I lifted the pickguard to look at the pickups. There aren’t any stickers on the back of the pickups, but there is a red dot and blue dot on 2 of the pickups. Are the custom shop stickers only on the aftermarket srv pickuos? Thanks so much in...
  7. Fastdraw

    Is everything we have been told about Tone BS?

    As the owner of an extensive guitar collection, 20+ who strummed my first guitar in the mid-’70s, I bought in wholeheartedly to the plethora of opinions on the contributing factors of Guitar Tone. I will not discuss pedals or amplifiers as we are focusing on the arguments of guitar manufacturers...
  8. P

    Revisiting putting an SD Twang Banger in bridge position of Tokai Strat

    Posted a while back about this, I'm zoning in on what I want to do and am tossing it out again to see if I can get more specific detailed input. (I'm fully aware I'm not going to know until I do it, and that it's easy to swap pickups back if I don't like it, but I always try to avoid PITA...
  9. laffytaffy

    What's this thingy for?

    Newbie question, anyone care to explain what this capacitor does? Is it just a vintage version of a modern capacitor? Can I remove it without screwing up the pickups? Thinking of putting it on a different pickguard once I find out what it does. Feeling a little lost :whistling:
  10. Rkphilpot

    UK Based Oil City Pickups

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Oil City Pickups? Theyre a little UK based company that hand wind to order They seem to be really decent, most importantly they have the spec I've been searching for but previously only found with Tone Rider. The Calibre .53 has half Alnico...
  11. laffytaffy

    Vintage Noiseless Pole Pieces

    Anyone ever tried adjusting the pole pieces on Fender vintage noiseless pickups? I noticed two screws on the bottom of other silent pickups that somewhat block the pole pieces from being adjusted. However, on the vintage noiseless, I dont see these screws. Would adjusting the pole pieces ruin...
  12. U

    HELP: Mini Strat Mods

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so I apologize if I've miscategorized this thread. I'm looking into getting a Mini Strat, modding it and replacing essentially all of the hardware and electronics. I've already decided on new tuners, saddles, and replacing the pickups with the Lace...
  13. S

    For Sale Lollar Black Face Pickup Set with Creme Covers

    These were meant for a project that has never come to pass. Need to free up funds for the holiday and I will not split up the set. Firm price of $175.00 includes paypal and shipping to the lower 48 of the continental US. The leads are long enough to fit any strat pickguard configuration as...
  14. mstan2184

    New Electronics Install

    Hey everyone, I own an old 2001 Jimmy Vaughn Tex Mex Strat. I've had some noise issues recently with the electronics, and it's time for an upgrade, so I'm replacing all the electronics. I purchased a new fender 8-hole vintage pickguard and it doesn't come with any aluminum/copper shielding. I...
  15. Sundahljj

    Is "Texas Hot" pickups code for something?

    I see pickups here and there called "Texas Hot" or "Texas Specials." Is that code for Stevie Ray Vaughan, like a way of getting SRV mojo without paying royalties? Or is there something else going on that everybody but me knows? Just curious --
  16. jjjjj

    016730 pickups with three leads: red, white, and blue

    Hi folks, my research skills have failed me. I recently acquired a loaded Strat pickguard with three flat-pole 016730 pickups, each has three leads: one red, white, and blue. The white and blue are the two ends of the coil and read about 6.2k for each pickup. The coil is wrapped with copper tape...
  17. N

    Installing lil 59 pickup in Pro 2 Strat

    Hey guys! So Ive been researching about the Lil 59 Seymour Duncan Strat Bridge pickup which id like to buy and install in my American Professional 2 Strat, the issue is that the pro 2 has push pull tone controls where I can split the pickup combinations. I was wondering if wiring up the lil 59...
  18. A

    Help Identifying Stratocaster Pickups

    Hello experts. I inherited a mij greco stratocaster recently and it came with an extra loaded pickguard. Never seen pickup trucks like this. The previous owner says it is Custom shop Pickups..? Thanks in advance for any help!
  19. california2020

    Vintera 50s pickups

    Hi, I am considering of buying a Vintera 50s pickup set for an upgrade to a Squier Stratocaster. What is the general consensus on these? Any opinion on the vintera pickups? I am looking for a classic vintage style sound. Anyone has compared them with newer Classic Vibe pickups? Thank you!
  20. AndyRay

    2014 60th Strat with CS FAT 50's that don't look like FAT 50's ? need help identifying

    I bought a 2014 60th anniversary strat, brand new complete with sun faded plastic from being on display for about a year ( it was in a percussion shop in a small town ). Anyway I stupidly damaged a pickup when replacing a cover - also stupidly decided to change the faded plastic and put the...
  21. RustyPango

    SSS Player Pickup Polarity and Winding help

    I recently was gifted an SSS Player Stratocaster before leaving for college. I have gotten the chance to play at a few rehearsals with my band and even one gig. Everything on it sounds amazing and I love both the neck and middle pickups dearly. The only thing is the bridge pickup, my mind is...
  22. california2020

    My 1995 American Standard is too loud

    I recently acquired a 1995 American Standard Strat, it's been closed for many years in its case. I've already had other 2 Am. Std from the 90s, but the pickups of this one are very loud in comparison. They are the stock pickups for this model. Have anyone experienced the same? Maybe the height...
  23. I

    Most Paf sounding pickups in single coil size

    I own a few strats, and I’d like to get some different sounds from them rather than all of them be single coil. I really like the Paf sounds like Buddy Guy has when he played the Guild starfire In the 70s and of course BB King probably had paf style pups. I know Dinarzio offers a slew of the...
  24. R

    New 'Build' Ultimate Les Paul.

    I'm gonna do it. The Ultimate Les Paul according to.....
  25. Ratylird

    1998/1999 Fender Strat Pickups

    Hi guys, Any idea what stock pickups fender were using in 98-99? I’ve saw people mention fat 50s, I’ve saw others say they’re tex-mex. Can’t seem to get a solid answer.