1. thekingzepp

    Help Me Decide Between Silver Sky or Mario Martin

    Hey all, this is my first time posting here in a lonnnggg time. I'm looking to pick up a new S-Type guitar. I currently own a 60th anniversary 1954 AVRI Strat, and a 1993 PRS EG-1 with HSH pickup setup with coil tap. I'm looking to either pick up a PRS silver sky, or custom order an s type...
  2. Handsome McClane

    Opinions on PRS CE24?

    Hey people, Just discovered PRS this last year. Bought myself an SE Standard 24 and then a used SE Custom 24 - playing the heck out of both and loving the feel and tones. Somehow it's very me. So I'm starting to formulate this plan to sell some of my stuff that doesn't get much use and see if I...
  3. Nick Evans

    Marmite Guitar

    The end of last month was my birthday, so I received this guitar as a gift. I sounds better than it looks ! It's not everyday you receive a guitar with your portrait on the front!!
  4. O

    American Professional & Silver Sky

    Help! I own an antique olive American professionals strat with a. Rosewood board and a Orion green PRS silversky also Rosewood board. I feel like they are too similar to have 2 S type guitars but each are subtly different in there own right. I love the neck on the prs and it plays like a dream...
  5. okieactor

    Strat pickups on other guitars?

    I love how versatile the strat is, especially in terms of its tone. Can't get enough of positions, 2 and 5, even 3 lately...BUT, I'm not a huge fan of the 25.5 scale or the feel of the strat bridges on your palm. Anyone have experience doing 3 strat style pickups in a custom made pickguard, on...
  6. O

    New guitar advice.

    Hey, I recently sold a fender Fsr Strat for a great price and am looking to get a new guitar. I have always been a strat man. This might be controversial but I also own a prs silver sky and it has blown my mind. The neck is incredible on it. I want to buy a new strat but am worried that I will...
  7. gofmusic

    John Mayer Guitar Class 2019

    Gotta love this guy, what a terrific player.
  8. Brian H

    A Paul Reed Smith jam

  9. gofmusic

    My first EP - The Grey Room Recordings

    After a long time of learning how to record, mix, and working my songs for a while, Im putting out my first indie EP out. You can follow my (one man) band The Lost Picks on Spotify, Bandcamp. Thanks to all of the guys here at the forum that helped a ton with their feedback for the past weeks...
  10. gampadoug

    PRS S2 SingleCut SemiHollow

    Does anyone have experience with the aforementioned axe? Is it as comfy as the Strat in terms of the forearm contour? tnx, - Gampa
  11. gofmusic

    John Mayer itself goes through design of Silver Sky

    Found it really interesting since everyone is talking about it. He explains sound aspects as well as shape design aspects. Nice of him to share such a deep view on his signature guitar. Personally Id buy a fender before a SS, but... to each their own, and this guy is having his own...
  12. S

    That PRS John Mayer Strat is about again...

    Looks like we might actually see it this year, it was teased all last year then never arrived!
  13. DickBanks

    Is it a MUST that you have both Fender and Gibson Guitars?

    Are you like me? I need both my Fender USA Strat AND my Les Paul Trad Pro IV. I see them really as different instruments entirely--completely different tone, completely different feel, and I'm two completely different guitarists when I play them. Or for you, maybe it's Fender/PRS, or PRS/Gibson...
  14. DrZ_man

    NGD - PRS content

    Maple Top charcoal burst PRS 408. Straight out of the box this has been a dream to play.
  15. MGriff240

    Wow...First Dead Show Last Night in Philly. O.o

    So I'm a huge John Mayer fanboy, and recently starting trying to get into the Dead...Never really got into them, but I figured it'd be different live and decided to spring for a GA ticket and try to get up close. I ended up 10 feet from the rail and had the time of my life. It's just another...
  16. gofmusic

    Santana Live 2016, thought I'd share it.

    Since I bought my first PRS a couple of weeks ago I naturally started browsing PRS a lot one the internet and obviously Santana came up A LOT. Im listening right now and I think they sound great, but to my surprised a guy commented things like Santana lost his "tone" and such. Im curious to...
  17. iGav

    PRS Custom 22 - Honest Review

    Hi All, I've been living with my PRS Custom 22 for about 8 months now, so I decided that with the honeymoon phase over and done with that I'd write an honest review. So the typical PRS description is half LP, half Strat, right? I'll get that out of the way, but it's a way overly simplified...
  18. gofmusic

    NGD (soon I hope)!!

    Hi folks! Today I sold my many years companion Epi Studio (yeah... cant keep them all, but inside I'm still bleeding). I just wanted a better guitar with humbuckers. Since I can't afford a Gibson, and where I live theres a very limited market, my options were reduced to either a used PRS SE or...
  19. LeicaBoss

    Strat vs PRS. Will both "quack"?

    The "Strat thing" is hard to replicate. Of course, one of the little legends out there is that a PRS CU24/22 wll do a decent Strat impression. I personally don't think a PRS does the "Strat thing" quite like a Strat - but here's a little video I put together comparing the two. With my lousy...
  20. guitarman1984

    I know this is STRAT talk, but.....PRS for Tele swap

    Here comes my latest gas iteration...thank you internet :mad: I currently have two Strats, one is SSS wired with a blender pot where I can blend in the neck and bridge, so I can get close to the tele middle sound. The other is SSH. Due to the blended Strat, my (NICE) Baja Tele 50s gets little...
  21. I

    PRS 408 sounding humbuckers?

    Hey guys! Recently I tried a PRS 408 and Pauls guitar and absolutely fell in love with the pickups; especially the coil tapped tone: simply beautiful. The only thing is: 1. They're expensive AF! 2. They're gaudy and stand out a way more than I'd like, and I don't want to relic a guitar that...