1. B

    Squier Strat - California Series into slanted HHH

    So, I wanted to know what it's like owning a HHH guitar. Then I had the crazy thought of wondering what it would be like having a slanted humbucker like the Gibson Nighthawk. I then thought just make all the humbuckers slanted. If Squier can release Strats with all pickups slanted like the...
  2. gsr51

    Classic Vibe 70s Stratocaster Setup Question

    I recently purchased one of these from Sweetwater as my first electric guitar. Regarding the action, Sweetwater says the guitars they ship are within manufacturer's specs but I'm not sure what that is. The action wasn't bad but I figured I could make it a little better so I lowered the action...
  3. L

    Squier Korea VN4?

    Hello, I'm about to buy a Squier Korea 1994 guitar... but I couldn't find anything related to this guitar and model on the internet: WN400505 (can be two V) Were there any Korean guitars that were VN4?
  4. B

    New member into Strats and modding

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd pop by and join a community that's all into Strats. I personally have an affinity for them (the shape, contours, and modular aspect just to name a few things), and I can't seem to get into other guitar models out there in the market. Whilst I have a...
  5. Nikita Baga

    need help choosing a electric guitar for a Ukrainian

    I moved from Ukraine to Canada in the city of Saskatoon. Sold my electric guitar. And now I have a question which guitar to choose. I don't have a big budget because I'm a teenager. I love the sound of the Fender, Squire and Gretch brands. Basically I play blues, old rock and worship music. I...
  6. G

    Squier Genuine or Fake

    Hi. I bought this squier from a flea market. I tried to decode the serial number and says that was made in China around 2008. But on headstock says that was made in U.S.A. The question is that the guitar is a genuine U.S.A. Made or is a Chinese fake?
  7. Pandroid

    Advice on ST-562 Japan Strat or Squier MIJ Silver Series - seems legit?

    Hi all! Currently looking for a new guitar after my previous being stolen years back. Been wondering if this ST562 seems legit to you? Haven't found anything suspicious to my eyes: https://reverb.com/item/51210063-fender-stratocaster-st-562-made-in-japan-1985 Anyone had experience with those...
  8. Microkorgi

    NGD CV Strat with a question

    After a week of waiting, it's finally here! It's beautiful in person and plays super nice. My one question though, is whether I'm crazy for thinking the knob covers look horrible? From the moment I saw them in person I was immediately turned off by the quality and I feel like I want to replace...
  9. timegoesback

    Squier MIJ Silver Series allen key sizes

    Hi all, Does anybody know what allen key sizes are needed to adjust the truss and saddles of this line of Strats? Specifically, mine is from the early '90s. I e-mailed Fender but they didn't have the information. Cheers!
  10. P

    CN4 body shape

    Hi all. Does anybody know for sure if those Korean Squiers from 1994 do match the body shape of an "official" Strat?. I sometimes look at mine and can't see it "stratty" enough. Besides being about 5mm slimmer, the outter shape looks a little too flat and square. You can check out mine if you...
  11. F

    Squier p bass by fender

    Looking for information on a s/n CYO4045251 Squier p bass by fender thank you
  12. Dani G

    Red Bobbin PICKUPS on a 1986 MIJ Squier ST-336

    Hi guys!! So happy to be here. I just want to know if I have anything special here, or those 2 single coil pickups are just regular japanese "SQ-3 PU", as they call it on the spec charts of that time. My HSS Squier ST-336 had 2 dark copper / red fiber single pickups and a dragster. Dragster...
  13. Davono

    Hotrails? From China? He is a fool they said. He is mad. They all laughed. Well who is laughing now?

    So I sold my mex a few months back to finance some things. And I got the itch and bought a cheap, mint 2008 Indo Squier affinity with a lovely natural flame on the neck. Bought for €75. Then put Chinese hotrails from musiclily. All pics below. Came out great. Zero hum. I thought I would be...
  14. M

    Squier new pickups and wiring problems

    Hello everyone, I have a Squier Stratocaster that I bought used and have been fixing up. So I bought me some Lace Alumitones and I am trying to wire the pick guard I have been trying for many moons. I can not find a wiring diagram and my electric skills stop at following directions. I was hoping...
  15. FrieAsABird

    Thinking of selling my VM HSS Strat- what’s a fair price?

    Lately, I’ve found myself playing my road worn 50s strat and my Goldtop LP pretty much exclusively; others get some play time too, but the one I play the least for some reason Is my black Squier Vintage modified HSS strat, gorgeous rosewood fretboard, large headstock, all original- plays great...
  16. N

    What Fender neck will fit on a 2008 Squier Affinity Strat?

    I have a 2008 Squier Affinity Strat and want to completely redo it. First off i am going to replace the neck. Does anyone know which fender Strat neck will fit on this certain model? Thanks.
  17. A

    Spin a Split AND Series/Parallel mod on a Squier Cyclone

    Hey guys. Looking for some wiring help on how to go about doing a series/parallel switch in conjunction with a spin a split for a hum bucker I’m adding into my guitar. I found an ancient thread on a different forum where this mod was somehow managed, it seems they used an extra DPDT switch to...
  18. Leofender

    Strat Neck replacement

    I don't know what is best.... I have a Squire with a dud Neck. Do I replace it with a Genuine Fender or a licensed version. The rosewood WD looks really nice, it's half the price of the equivalent Fender. The Fender MEX Pau Ferro is the same cost as the WD. OR I could have the 1 faulty fret...
  19. D

    Identifying Squier Strat Models

    Hello…I inherited a Squier a few years ago. I’m thinking about selling it, but have had difficulty in identifying the model class. The head stock indicates that it is a “Squier Fender Stratocaster”. The finish is brown sunburst. Researching by way of the S/N, I know that it was made in Indonesia...
  20. bam-boozle

    Squier Build pt.2

    The body has a couple more weeks of curing before it gets polished up. The headstock had the waterslide applied. Neck is getting a new nut and tuners. Tusq just because that’s all I know to use. I was back and forth between mint and parchment but I’m going with all parchment plastic I think. The...
  21. G

    Is it possible to achieve the full sound of a Fender Strat with a low budget?

    I haven't played in more than ten years, I would like to get back to my old hobby. I don't know too much about guitars (yet), if I say something silly please don't be too harsh, feel free to correct me, I am here to learn. So, I will need to buy a new guitar. I love the sound of a Fender...
  22. oXyCoDiZzLe

    Squier Bullet Hardtail Strat/LTD LH-150 internals. So sick. Overall Cost Under 150

    Jus wanted to share. A neat little trick I learned. And for next to **** on the cost. I had an Ltd ec100qm and I liked the humbuckers versatility a lot. However I traded it at guitar ctr for 100$ and got a discount on a hard tail Squier strat. Black. Thru chinesenknock off trial and error. I...
  23. Dudiscout

    Moded Squiers

    This tread is meant to show what a Squier can be, so we can show the results of what a bit of love and elbow grease do to these guitars! I'll start with my Strat: This is a 2020 Bullet Strat, the cheapest one you can get. Mods done: Pickguard with new pickups - Hand wired Alnico 5, CTS pots...
  24. AsaGtr

    Total Electric Guitar Intro (Eric Johnson) by Asa

    Hi! Remember that 1990 Total electric guitar video by Eric Johnson? I think it was produced by Arlen Roth for Hotlicks. I always thought it had the best electric guitar intro... Gear used: Fender Squier JV 1983, Origin Effects Cali79, Barber Electronics D Drive, Xotic RC Booster Catalinbread...
  25. J

    Wiring Diagram for MIJ Squier Contemporary E-Series?

    So, I'm quite new to wiring guitars. As of recently, I have purchased many "broken" guitars on the cheap and got them fixed with much success. Some of them include a 1960's Harmony acoustic and a late-90's Epiphone, but I digress. I have only wired two guitars before including a normal...