1. M

    Why is my bridge humbucker humming? Duncan JB

    Hey everyone, I have a project guitar that I've been tinkering with for awhile now and have finally (or so I thought) come to a setup that I think suites the guitar quite nicely. It's a Warmoth Strat with an ash body and an HSS pickup configuration. I've settled on having a Seymour Duncan JB...
  2. B

    Squier Strat - California Series into slanted HHH

    So, I wanted to know what it's like owning a HHH guitar. Then I had the crazy thought of wondering what it would be like having a slanted humbucker like the Gibson Nighthawk. I then thought just make all the humbuckers slanted. If Squier can release Strats with all pickups slanted like the...
  3. G

    I have a 2019 affinity Squire Strat.

    I know a lot of upgrades can be owner specific, but I was wondering if there were any upgrades others might have enjoyed and would recommend to me. Everything is totally stock.
  4. J

    Help To buy a strat

    Hi, it's my first time buying a fender strat, and i want to ask help, if is a original one, and if is everything alright. the owner send some pics, he said is a 2016 or 2017 fender american professinal. Thx guys
  5. G

    Fender ‘57 AVRI 1998 - thoughts and informations welcome!

    Good morning, just recently I stumbled upon a very nice ‘57 AVRI Strat built in 1998 in what seems like near mint condition. Owning a similar (at least when it comes to the finish and aesthetics) Strat out of the first American Professional series (BY2019) I immediately fell in love with it...
  6. E

    HotRails or Humbucker for strat?

    i am not the biggest fan of the bridge single coil in a strat, and i've been looking at options and wondered wether is better to put a hotrail dimmarzio/seymourduncan, or to get a different pickguard and put a fat humbucker in the bridge? thoughts? those who have strats with both option which...
  7. Strat-Slinger

    Instrumental Blues Rock Goodness

    Live and Out In The Open 🎸🪐
  8. E

    Do you like to remove the backplate cover of your strat?

    Most strats dont have recessed into the body backplate or screws, and its a little uncomfortable, so do you guys like to remove it? i am thinking of doing that, will it affect the guitar in any way? the prs silver sky doesnt even use backplate i would it hurt my fender strat to take...
  9. E

    NGD. 1990 Blue Fender Strat M.I.A.

    so i finally got that fender strat. it plays very well, just as good if not better than my previous prs se. it sounds super stratty, everything feels like quality ,..the price was a little stiff, 1300$, but its a good guitar, cant wait to bring this week to my next gigs with the band.. the case...
  10. DarkHawk

    Want to say thank you to everyone who helped me determine this was legit some weeks ago!

    Just got her back from my Luthier - 1988 MIJ - had to put a new bridge on, replace some frets, do a full dressing and shim the neck, the previous owner let it sit for decades - but now she’s perfect. Thanks all
  11. D

    Dean Zelinsky Tagliare w/Z glide…

    Any love for these? I was skeptical at this kind of gimmicky neck thing, but I tried one at GC, and gotta say, I was super impressed with everything about it. I think it’s a bit too pricey, and I’m looking for a chunkier neck, but I was really surprised. Thoughts?
  12. E

    Update! More advice on fender strats deciding my next purchase?

    if you saw my previous post , i found a 90s strat, which i might pickup next week(first photo)... however i'm just curious if the other strats for sale are better..(all local pickup sales)... 1. Fender MIA 90s standard strat (lake placid blue?, stainless steel frets,) 1200euros 2. Fender MIA...
  13. E

    Help! overpriced 90s usa fender strat?

    hi, i saw recently a 90s fender usa strat in my city,( where i live you rarely see high end guitars for sale, you mostly see entry level instruments) and wanted to buy it, the price seems a bit high tho, they want 1200 euros for it (roughly 1300$),(not sure if it classifies as a vintage guitar...
  14. RL21980

    For Sale Bare Knuckle Mother's Milk Strat Set

    Great strat pickups. Nails mid sixties tone. Leads are cut for a clean SSS install. Plenty of wire on there. $250 shipped Continental US only.
  15. C

    Help identify 1984-1987 E series Japan Stratocaster

    Hello, I’m having a hard time identifying a Fender Strat MIJ with E serial number. I can’t have access to the neck or under the hood to identify it properly. It does have the big tram bridge but regular tuners. I am not sure if any work has been done to it or if it’s completely stock. I was...
  16. 72 Sunburst

    For Sale 1972 Stratocaster Sunburst - Includes all original parts and case

    This single owner 1972 vintage Sunburst Stratocaster beauty is signed # 355646. $8,000. Apologize in advance but not interested in trades. Purchased and located in the Boston area. Everything is original including the case. I've had a love affair with this Strat since the early 70s. It hugs...
  17. D


    Just found this site, great info here. we “inherited” a strat a few years back and don’t have the expertise to know how to describe the guitar when put up for sale. The headstock decals seem sketchy, also no serial number. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, thx.
  18. B

    Decisions decisions! Strat pickups: my three options.

    I have two strats. A 2005 AVRI '62 (Rosewood fretboard, Alder Body) which I'm about to install Fender HotNoiseless pickups in (I want this for hotter tones and no hum for studio work) and a 1993 MIJ '57 RI (Maple fretboard, Alder Body). I have three sets of strat pickups remaining, therefore I...
  19. hotnoiseless

    New and want to build

    I’m new to this thread, in fact I’m new to any type of conversation thread. So I apologize if I’m not following the rules or if this is posted where it shouldn’t be. I would like to build a Stratocaster from scratch. I’d like to do the painting of the body and install everything. It seems like a...
  20. D

    Kiesel Delos Strat: any love?

    Hey, anyone with experience with these? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Delos, roasted maple neck, blah, blah….I could get it for a fair price….thoughts? I know they’re well made, and an offshoot of Carvin, but aside from that? Thanks!
  21. D

    Kiesel Strats. Any love?

    Hey, anyone with experience with these? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Delos, roasted maple neck, blah, blah….I could get it for a fair price….thoughts? Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, as it’s not Fender…
  22. Knightrich

    Wanted WTB Fender Hardtail USA

    Really looking hard for a Fender USA Hardtail Stratocaster. I prefer a maple board but will definitely consider all options. Let me know if you see one or have one to let go!
  23. B

    SSL-1's in my Vintera?

    Hey all first post here. I've been playing for many years but always a bit green when it comes to the tech side of it all. I have a 60s modified vintera strat and i (like many, many others) am after that Frusiante-clean tone. I'm wondering if any one has insight into whether fitting in some...
  24. F

    For Sale 2021 fender American original 60’s

    I’ve got a shell pink American original 60’s strat for sale . It’s in brand-new condition. The only thing it did is I had the lacquer strip from the neck and then lightly tinted And sealed for really slick play ability. Looking to get $1800
  25. J

    Help! Switched to 10 46's and I'm having trouble tuning and bridge keeps lifting higher and higher!

    Hey everyone, first of all, thanks in advance for any tips and advice. I have an American Standard Strat and I just switched to 10 46's. Every time I finish tuning the high E string, I go back to the low E and find that it and every other string thereafter is out of tune. So it isn't that it...