1. F

    First strat, afraid to choose the wrong color

    So I’ve saved enough to buy my first strat, but I can’t decide between arctic white or sunburst. I’ve always loved white stratocasters because of their association with Hendrix and I’m a big fan of John Frusciante and Buddy Holly and their timeless sunburst strats. Could you guys help me choose...
  2. d0sk3y

    My new 75th Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share the excitement and joy I felt when I unboxed this very special Strat this morning :) This is my first American Strat (I've owned probably 12 different MIM Strats over the years), and this particular model seemed like a great choice. I wasn't wrong, it looks...
  3. RL21980

    For Sale Bare Knuckle Mother's Milk Strat Set

    Great strat pickups. Nails mid sixties tone. Leads are cut for a clean SSS install. Plenty of wire on there. $250 shipped Continental US only.
  4. 72 Sunburst

    For Sale 1972 Stratocaster Sunburst - Includes all original parts and case

    This single owner 1972 vintage Sunburst Stratocaster beauty is signed # 355646. $8,000. Apologize in advance but not interested in trades. Purchased and located in the Boston area. Everything is original including the case. I've had a love affair with this Strat since the early 70s. It hugs...
  5. DarkHawk

    Help - can someone more adept than me help me determine if this is authentic?

    Hey all, I've been playing for more than 10 years and I'm recording my first album - I want to record with a guitar from my birth year - This will also be my first Strat (always been a Tele guy). I found this 1988 MIJ Strat. It looks authentic but I'm not an expert on deciphering fakes. Can...
  6. L

    Strat neck with screws on fretboard

    Hey there everyone, here's something for our detective team. Last year I got this 94 Strat from a guy I know. He's had the guitar since 1996, when he bought it in Miami. He played the guitar A LOT over the years, he had a band and traveled with it a lot, I mean, it is a worn guitar but really...
  7. M

    Is this a Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster (US)

    Hey! I need to find some information about this guitar. I think it’s a HSS Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster but there’s some strange stuff on this guitar (see pictures bellow). The neck is made in Japan and a rounded US back plate and a push/pull tone knob. I think it was built in the 90’s, and...
  8. D

    Kiesel Delos Strat: any love?

    Hey, anyone with experience with these? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Delos, roasted maple neck, blah, blah….I could get it for a fair price….thoughts? I know they’re well made, and an offshoot of Carvin, but aside from that? Thanks!
  9. D

    Kiesel Strats. Any love?

    Hey, anyone with experience with these? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Delos, roasted maple neck, blah, blah….I could get it for a fair price….thoughts? Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, as it’s not Fender…
  10. Pandroid

    Advice on ST-562 Japan Strat or Squier MIJ Silver Series - seems legit?

    Hi all! Currently looking for a new guitar after my previous being stolen years back. Been wondering if this ST562 seems legit to you? Haven't found anything suspicious to my eyes: Anyone had experience with those...
  11. Knightrich

    Wanted WTB Fender Hardtail USA

    Really looking hard for a Fender USA Hardtail Stratocaster. I prefer a maple board but will definitely consider all options. Let me know if you see one or have one to let go!
  12. fuksman

    Sale or Trade SOLD 2020 Fender Stratocaster American Professional II Dark Night/Maple

    Under certain angles if you really look, you can see swirls on the pickguard, otherwise perfect. Entertaining offers as I'm having trouble selling locally. Would also trade, with added cash value as applicable for the following: - small tractor, mini-excavator or similar - double-axle...
  13. IsaiasO

    Alyd's Folly

    Recorded using IK Multimedia's Amplitube 4 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. Pedals on the floor: Boss Noise Suppressor, Dunlop CryBaby Wah-Wah Mini, MeloAudio Midi Commander and Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini. The guitar is a black "Made-in-Mexico" (MIM) Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS...
  14. P

    Should I buy a Noventa Stratocaster and Swimming Pool route it?

    Hello everyone. I've been reading this forum religiously every time I consider buying a Strat. Every time I find good advice. This time, I have a rather weird idea and haven't found a thread to solve it: Should I buy a noventa Strat, and take it to my local luthier/repair guy, and do a...
  15. CaptainJAllen

    Need Setup Help

    Hey everyone, I could use some help. I’m an amateur luthier and I’ve set up a ton of guitars. But I have a strat that I just can’t get sorted out for some reason. Hoping someone here can offer some advice that maybe is slipping my mind or something. Deluxe Mexican strat with a tremolo. Maple...
  16. IsaiasO

    Keep A Lyd On It

    A little excursion in to the Lydian mode realm. Recorded using IK Multimedia's Amplitube 4 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. Amplifier: Vox Valvetronics VT20X Pedals on the floor: Boss Noise Suppressor and a MeloAudio Midi Commander pedals. The guitar is a black "Made-in-Mexico"...
  17. S

    How does this Strat wiring work?

    I recently bought my first Strat from an estate sale...a 1998 American Standard, I think. Having a blast with it, but the tone knobs don't work as described. I lifted the pick guard to see how things were wired. Wow! Rat's nest. Can anyone help me sort this out? 1. The middle and bridge tabs...
  18. W

    How much fret wear is too much?

    Been looking at getting my first strat and have been wondering how you know if there’s too much fret wear? Here’s a picture of a guitar I’ve been looking at with some wear just starting to show. Would you consider that too much or not too bad?
  19. W

    Thoughts on this Strat?

    Hey all you Strat lovers! New to this forum so hopefully I’m not going to make anyone upset by possibly posting this in the wrong place… I’m looking at getting my first strat and have found this MIM on Kijiji. The seller says it has copper shielding, has 2000 on the back of the pickguard...
  20. WalterBernards

    Wanted Anyone selling a Black JAZZMASTER??

    Looking for an AVRI 62 or AVRI 65 Jazzmaster in black or Japanese - rosewood fingerboard only good pickups // case would is ideal cheers!
  21. d0sk3y

    Hi! This is my current guitar collection

    Hi all, and it's nice to be here! This is my current guitar collection, minus a Vintera '50s Modified Strat which is with my luthier at the moment: From front to back, here they are: 2019 Fender Hybrid MIJ 50s Telecaster in Indigo - American Vintage '58 pickups w/ 4-position switch and 9.5"...
  22. morecrowns

    Is this authentic MIJ neck E series

    Hello Everyone. I wonder if anyone knows enough to tell me more about this MIJ neck. Does it look like the original to you? I know that the whole guitar is made of different guitar parts, I also have no idea what these pickups are, but the essence of the purchase was the neck, which feels very...
  23. Hal Nico

    Free Guitar grooves Jam/backing tracks

    I recently realized my Yamaha RBX170 bass's action was high. Over the years it's crept up so I took the strings off and cleaned them and reset the relief and action and pickups. It's a joy to play again so started doing some recordings. Here's a Demo...
  24. L

    What Is The Date In This Strat Neck Pocket?

    I got this body for my parts caster so I don't have the original neck or any information on it. All I know is that its an MIM body and and it appears to be old. Can anyone tell me what the date in the neck pocket says? Because it looks like the year has 5 digits so I'm confused. Also if anyone...
  25. C

    Advice needed for missing Floyd Rose part on Fender Strat

    I’ve got a Fender Strat with a Kahler Floyd Rose fitted. I recently lost a piece when changing a string during a gig and can’t find a replacement online anyway! Not even sure what the part would be called? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!