1. Emilio Olivas

    My Heavy relic Dave Murray 1957 Stratocaster replica

    A few close up detail shots of my Dave Murray 57 inspired strat. 2020 American original 50s neck With a 2 piece guitar mill body All Fender hardware hardware with dimarzio humbuckers and a 89 HM strat neck pickup in the middle.
  2. N

    Bad frets on new strat

    Hello everyone, I've just purchased a Vintera Road Worn 50's Strat HSS SBL in new condition (with stickers) from a second-hand store (with good return policy) for a steal price (750$). The guitar is stunning, very lightweight, and has a neck profile that I love. The only problem is that the...
  3. G

    Need a new strap for my Mod Shop

    Hey guys and gals, help me pick out a strap for my new Mod Shop Strat. Choices at the Qualtrics link below. [EDIT] Be sure to hit the arrow at the bottom of the poll to record your results!
  4. I

    Trying to setup floating 6 screw tremolo bridge - getting clicking sound when pressing down tremolo

    See this video: What is this clicking sound coming from? Is it from the bridge plate hitting the body? Or maybe the bridge plate slipping on one of the screws? It doesn't seem like the tremolo block in the back cavity is touching anything, so I don't think it's from that. How can I fix my...
  5. GuitarTalk

    NGD: 1955 Fender Stratocaster “Blackjack”

    Any Buddy Holly fans out there? I’ve been hunting for an early 50’s ash body, maple neck strat for a while and well, finally… “Great success!” - Borat. Serial #: 8571 (adding up to 21, hence why I call it “BlackJack”) Body date: 12-54 Neck date: TG-1-55 Weight: 7.5lb Case: original Specs...
  6. T

    Vintage tweed strat case identification

    Picked this tweed case up recently and did a lot of research on the old strat cases and the reissues. Couldn’t find much that looked like this one. No markings on it anywhere. I saw somewhere that it might be an older vintage TKL but not quite sure. Any help in identifying is greatly...
  7. 7

    70s Strat trem arm question

    Hi, all. I have a 77 Stratocaster that I bought new. I know folks like to bag on 70s strats, and while mine is not without faults, it plays and sounds great (non-original pickups). Within the first year of ownership, the trem arm hole threads became stripped out. Whenever someone asked to try...
  8. S

    Will Ultra Vintage Noiseless Pickups fit Player Strat

    This is going to be my first ever mod and I ordered the Ultra Vintage Noiseless Pickups Given that these are taller, will these fit? I plan to only change neck and middle. I can solder wires but I don't won't to do any sawing / cutting.
  9. C


    I am 4 real struggling with what this guitar 🎸 is called any help identifying it would be fab. It has no pick guard has a Humberbucker at bridge and x2 single coils. Someone pleaaase help. Thank uxx
  10. Noodle

    Any difference between 1976 hardtail and a 1979?

    Hey guys - interested in getting an old 70s hardtail. Are any years between '75 and '80 any better? Also - does a maple vs rosewood neck make as much of a difference on a hardtail? Wondering what board I should go for. I like how rosewood looks but I like how maple sounds... Thanks!
  11. B

    Squier Strat - 2005 Affinity Build with P90s "Noventa" (CII IC Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2005 Affinity Strat neck. I found the neck at a music store, then went away with getting my own "Noventa" Strat going. Features: Gotoh SG381 tuners alder surf green ST-body Wilkinson WOV08 tremolo with roller saddles Alegree P90s (budget A5 grade) WD Music...
  12. C

    Identify Fender Strat MIJ 1987 Model?

    Hello, I'm trying to identify this Fender MIJ, and see what wood it's made from, etc. I'm not too familiar with the different Japanese models from this time so help would be appreciated. I have attached a picture of the headstock and body. It has a vintage style truss rod, 11 hole pickguard...
  13. N

    st62 Japan Stratocaster Specs

    Hello, this is my first post, I will be grateful for your answers. I had doubts about the specs of my ST62 Japanese guitar Serial number R008849. I only know that from the Serial it should be a ST 62 from 2004-2005. I don't know what body material, pickups, etc. If someone can help me I will...
  14. J

    2010 Fender American Special MIA Strat that needs constant truss rod adj...

    I have a 2010 Fender American Special MIA Stratocaster (floating tremolo) that needs it's truss rod adjusted once a year. The neck gets bowed (concave). Why? Could it be that there is too much tension on the tremolo strings? I wouldn't really bother me to deck it, but I am wondering what is...
  15. B

    Squier Strat - 2021 Bullet Build with Nighthawk p'up (CII ICS Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2021 Bullet Strat neck. This became the second guitar I owned (which infected me with GAS). I built this as a standard SSS Strat late 2021, but as time went on I started getting crazy ideas. I tried combining two different selector switch setups (the...
  16. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I’m itching to get an American strat in daphne blue with a rosewood board. It’s looking like this is a difficult find. Anybody know if the upcoming offerings will include daphne blue? I can’t do MOD shop either because they don’t ship to Canada.
  17. A

    93-94 CIJ Strat 62' reissue under neck specs question

    Hi everybody, I just bought a 93-94 62 CIJ Strat and it's amazing! The dealer told me that this model has an alder body and American pickups. Is there anyway to know the spec level (low, premium etc.) from the letters that are under the neck? It reads H ST-62 Y. I'm attaching a pic. Thanks!
  18. A

    NGD! A Little Wing Pearl.

    I've never really liked rosewood fretboards on Strats. It felt like the dark color clashed with the body's paint instead of complementing it. That's why I chose a maple fretboard on my newer American Pro II Strat in Miami Blue. But I've been watching a particular YouTuber that does weekly...
  19. Szechuan

    Fender American Vintage '57/'62 Thin Skin Stratocaster Sunburst (Limited Edition)

    Hi everyone I just bought a second hand American Vintage strat. I think I know what it is, and the serial number lookup from fender confirms it: a 57/62 thin skin limited edition stratocaster from 2010. It is, however, difficult to find any information online and the guy that I bought it from...
  20. Knightrich

    Pickup Recommendation for USA Hardtail Stratocaster

    I recently picked up a MINT Fender Mod Shop Hardtail Stratocaster in sonic blue, and it is configured with in HH with Shawbuckers. I gave these a chance but they are nahbuckers for me. I love the Beatles, Rolling Stones, (Hardtail shout out to Ronnie) and have whittled my choices down to the...
  21. G

    Fender japan?

    Can anyone help me with this guitar? Seller says its from japan. See pictures. Thanks in advance
  22. 60 60 60

    Fender Strat QC ? American Original series

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought this beautiful American Original 60’s Strat. I must say I’m both impressed and confused at the same time. Firstly it’s an amazing sounding and playing instrument but there are two things I’ve noticed they don’t bother me but it shouldn’t be like this for an...
  23. A

    Stratocaster 3 way switch, 2 tone + 1 vol pots, only 2 pickups (Tele Mod)?

    Hello All I have a strat with 2 pickups (single coil Neck + Hot Rail Bridge) Removed de Middle Pick-up Im leaving 3 pots as usual, 1 Volume 2 Tone I got a 3 way switch ( I need, neck / neck + bridge + Bridge ) Is this possible ¿any diagram around? I gotta a Tele diagram, but that only has...
  24. Strat-Slinger

    Hello Kitty = Big Bucks Price Tag :/

    So... I'm out cruising on the eeeeb (ebay)... and I stumble across a listing for a Squier (by Fender) Hello Kitty fiddle... a pink one.. and they're asking just under 1K for it... ya know.. almost a grand... \then... I searched the term Hello Kitty guitar and find there's a bunch of them both...
  25. M

    Have a go.

    I am not a waltz kind of guy, I don't know where this came from but here it is. Let me know what you think. Check out Chocolate Chip Pancakes on Soundcloud below for some contrast.