1. L

    MJT Body and Vega Trem question

    Just bought a Strat style body from MJT, does anybody know if a vega trem will fit the bridge route? I messaged MJT and they said they aren't sure if it will fit. Does anybody know if it will fit a vintage strat body? These are the Vega Trem dimensions.
  2. 7

    70s Strat trem arm question

    Hi, all. I have a 77 Stratocaster that I bought new. I know folks like to bag on 70s strats, and while mine is not without faults, it plays and sounds great (non-original pickups). Within the first year of ownership, the trem arm hole threads became stripped out. Whenever someone asked to try...
  3. colaiza1965

    "Don't Use Metal Picks"

    What I have: Warmoth strat (SSS) with Kinman pups, 10"-16" radius roasted maple neck with Sperzel locking tuners, 6100SS frets, bone nut and a Vegatrem tremolo. This is not a cheap DIY but it's made with care & love. Problem: My guitar will not stay in tune through a song. Low E, G, and others...
  4. V

    1995 MIM Strat

    Folks, I had a 1995 MIM Strat a few years ago that I had gotten rid of due to frustration with tuning issues, over the last couple years I kicked myself in the behind for selling it but a few days ago I managed to get it back. I absolutely could not find a strat with a better neck. Now before...
  5. shoutingsoup

    2013 Strat Deluxe Trem Arm

    Hello esteemed fellows of Strat-Talk! I'm in love with my 2013 Deluxe Strat. The only problem is the Trem arm - it's a pop-in style (2 point bridge) and it's shorter than the standard Strat Trem arm and I hate it! I use the trem quite often, and I've never gotten used to this sawn-off...
  6. bdrcaster

    Would drilling a screw through the trem cavity cause any problems?

    I recently replaced a P90 sized pickup on my Talman with an aftermarket one and the original P90 was pickguard mounted and the mounting plates wouldn't match the newer P90. I asked a local tech to drill the holes as he is making a new pickguard for me and the bridge P90 had to be drilled...
  7. D

    Tremlocker Block

    I don’t know why this hasn’t gained more traction… maybe because its so expensive? About half a year ago I installed the Tremlocker locking trem block on my Mexi Strat. This block is 1. A SUPER heavy and well crafted trem block and 2. set up with a thumb screw and extra locking mechanism so that...
  8. D

    Tuning instability, but different.

    I have a 1998 Fender USA Standard, two point trem converted to 2008< tremplate (centered screw saddles), lovely Highwood boutique saddles. NYXL strings, not new but not old either, well stretched. I set it up the Carl Verheyen way: floating, tune and retune after depressing the trem. Always tune...
  9. Ratylird

    AVRI 54 Strat - Bridge

    Hi guys, So I have the chance to buy a AVRI 54 strat, but the seller says that the trem arm snapped inside the bridge. Just wanted to double check that I’d be ok to replace it with a pure vintage trem? Assuming that’s what they use on the reissues?
  10. J

    Help With Specs For Blacktop Strat Bridge

    Hi. I recently acquired a HH Blacktop strat. I like the guitar but I want to upgrade the bridge and pickups. I'd like to go with s solid steel block. I'd prefer solid steel saddles as well but not the vintage bent ones as I don't like how they feel under my hand when I palm mute. Vintage...
  11. J

    Wudtone CP Vintage 50s Vs. Gotoh 510TS-SF2/ 510T-SF2

    Hi, I have been reading as many threads as I have found on vintage style tremolos for strat type guitars and so far I am in between these two. I haven’t found an actual comparison between the two. Has anyone compared these two? If so, what are your views? The steel block if my LSL broke where...
  12. HanSwoleO

    Player Series Trem Question

    Hey guys, I'm new to the strat world. Just picked up a Player series MIM and I love it, but I want to swap the trem for a gold one to match the other hardware. I was looking at this: and...
  13. newkid2018

    What is this logo on MIM Standard Tremolo Claw?

    Hello, guys. I just noticed that the trem claw on my MIM Standard Stratocaster has this logo stamped on it. I bought this guitar new in 2008 so I'm pretty sure it's stock. Does anyone know anything about it? Many thanks! :)
  14. Circade

    Got my first Fender Strat!

    Hey! I asked for a lot of advice here before buying my first Fender strat. Thanks to everyone for the help! I ended up choosing the Player series Stratocaster with HSS pickups and the maple neck. Tidepool is very close to my favourite color that I had way before I was even looking for the...
  15. Neville James

    Replacement Tremolo for my 2014 American Standard that requires no hassle to fit...

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for some suggestions for a replacement 2 point tremolo for my US Standard Strat. I’ve recently been using a Charvel with a Gotoh 510 and much prefer the feel and the incredible stability. I’ve looked at buying another Gotoh 510 but a couple of people have said to me it’s...
  16. 9

    American Professional Strat Grounding

    Hello all! I’m going to be building an American pro partscaster soon and I just wanted to know if anyone had pictures of their teen cavity. I’d like to see how the ground wire works as it doesn’t feed through like a traditional strat, but rather somehow connects to a screw or something in the...
  17. Shaytan

    Best budget FR bridge options

    Hey there. I'm working on the restoration of my new to me '96 Jackson DX2. It came with a JT580 bridge which not only isn't said to be great, but it's also quite beaten up, all but one of the saddles have the little bottom plate still on and, more troubling, the razor edges are dull from two...
  18. Buzzgrowl

    Do all trems have this problem - did you find a solution?

    Just watched the video below. My '90 RG with Floyd works perfect. My MIA Special exhibits the problem in the video even though its fully set up and lubed, nut is cut and lubed etc. all the works. Same for a Squier strat. What is your experience? Anyone figured it out?
  19. 93-Strat

    MIJ Traditional 50's Trem Block

    Hi everyone, I purchased a MIJ FSR Traditional 50's Stratocaster with the stripe and wanted to know if anyone had tried replacing the trem block on it? I found one made by Fender (001-9473-049) that is 2 3/16" and steel and I would think it would fit but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if it would?
  20. S

    New Stratocaster! Help with decking the trem.

    Hey all! Glad to finally be back with a Strat. I brought an American Pro in Olympic White! I'm decking the trem but I still want to be able to use it, so I've put 4 Raw Vintage springs in it and tightened it. I have a picture here and I just want to make sure I haven't over-tightened it. Don't...
  21. T

    Does standard trem arm fit 61 strat?

    I want to replace the trem arm on my '96 custom shop '61 reissue, so i can bend it to get deeper dives, but keep my original trem . Does standard strat trem fit? Also dad has a 59 strat..frets are worn. Would recrowning or refretting seriously degrade the value? It's all original, has...
  22. J

    Confused Trem Arms....

    First Post... So... some years back I finally went and got a player stand-in for my had-it-since-70-bought-used-cheap 64.(stories on request... briefly, the 64 was on a bench in pieces, stripped to bare wood and I bought it and have done things to it and just plain like it... it's hardly...
  23. 93-Strat

    Steel Block for MIM Strat

    I was looking around on Ebay and found a Fender Steel Trem Block pretty cheap. It says it's 2 1/16" spaced and that it may fit a MIM bridge plate. Has anyone tried this before I buy it...
  24. Quillpen

    Looking for quality vintage trem.

    I'm hoping some of you guys can point me in the right direction, as I'm looking for a decent quality vintage trem that will fit the import spacing on a guitar......Or perhaps maybe just suggest a really good quality arm of the 6mm thread type. I started using the trem on my partscaster a...
  25. Fireball519

    Possible upcoming NGD...thoughts?

    So I have an opportunity to get a Japanese Squier series strat Oly. White with a System 1 one it. Tag at the store says 349 but he said he'd cut me a great deal on it. I'm going back tomorrow and will take some pics. Any advice for a Japanese/System 1 noob?