1. TayWilsonMusic

    Locking Tuner inquiry

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a replacement neck- and it came with these locking tuners (Photos attached) Can anyone give any insight into what the brand might be? I appreciate it.
  2. Fenderbaum

    Schaller Kluson Tuners??

    I thought i had found and uncovered all info about the Kluson vintage style tuners, past and present manufacturers. These showed up on the used market for $35 and i bought them (as pictured) out of surprise and curiosity. Will get them next week. Seller say they are indeed Schaller. By the...
  3. J

    Tuner hole size in Fender headstock

    Hey guys! I’ve recently just bought a 2008 Fender Stratocaster rosewood neck (it’s on its way from the USA so will be another couple of weeks before I get my hands on it). I just wanted to know if anyone knows the hole size for the tuner slots? I want to get them ordered before the neck...
  4. L

    Locking tuners vs vintage style

    I have a 2009 American deluxe that has tuning stability issues. I am considering swapping out the locking tuners, which I don't love, for a set of vintage tuners. Does anyone know if this will help with my tuning problems?
  5. tmonkjr

    My 66 Tele, wont touch it, yet, I wish I could benefit

    I can't imagine changing anything on my 66 Tele, yet, I wish I could benefit from some newer technology, regarding tuners and such. In general, any thoughts on how to improve a Vintage guitar without devaluing it? I don't think I could swap out tuners, even on a temporary basis, any ideas on...
  6. ProGuitarTones

    What locking tuners For Vintage Modified Strat (India)?

    What locking tuners fit right into a Vintage Modified Strat (2008, made in India)? Are there any that don't require drilling new holes? I'm most interested in Fender or Gotoh products, but other that would fit just like the installed ones would also be fine. BTW: I heard that the stock tuners...
  7. niratias

    Need help finding locking tuners for 2019 Blacktop Strat

    I have a couple of 2019 Mahogany Blacktop Strats I'm trying to convert to locking tuners, but after reading many threads about it, I'm still having trouble finding the best part for the job. These guitars apparently come with vintage-style Ping tuners, which have bushings with ID of 0.239″ and...
  8. M

    Reverse headstock + Steinberger Gearless Tuners: Right or left hand?

    Hello, I recently bought a "Squier Mini Stratocaster 2019 Olympic White". I want to put on a full-size Tele-style neck. I've read that this should work in terms of intonation as the distance from 12th fret is still halfway point between bridge and nut. With that said, I'd like to get a...
  9. Personal Gsus

    Vintera factory boo-boo

    So I picked up a '19/20 Vintera 60's Modified and took it apart as I always do for used guitars... Got the tuning keys off and it looks like the screws were over-torqued which pulled the wood up into the recess behind the tuning assemblies, splitting it in several places. Low E screw hole is...
  10. M

    Hipshot SK1 bottons on Fender locking tuners

    Ok, so despite my better judgement I ordered these modern hipshot sk1 industrial buttons for my Strat (heresy I know). It said "fits certain Fender tuners. Please ask if you're unsure.". So that's what I did. The response I got from the seller (a GIANT guitar supply company) about the "f" logo...
  11. alialxnunez

    The Perfect Way to put strings...

    Hey guys, I´m trying to see which can be the perfect way to put strings. Today I had a really unfortunate event, while I was changing the strings the high E string snapped from the part of the tuner. So I´m trying to see how to avoid that. I may add that the string already had a tension...
  12. Canadian_Fender

    Swapping standard tuners for vintage tuners

    Hi All, I’ve really been liking the vintage style Fender tuning pegs. What would be involved with swapping the tuners on an American Standard strat (2012) with Fender vintage style tuners? Is it just take the old ones off and put in the new ones? Or do I have to get new bushings to convert to...
  13. L

    Tuner upgrade, staggered posts??

    Hi everyone, I am undertaking my first project, upgrading a white MIM strat with black hardware (ala Jake E Lee!). I'm a lefty so decent hardware is much harder to come by. I've found some Hipshot Tuners which come in black as direct fender replacements (2 pin) and the come in standard or...
  14. N

    Turn your Player into a beast/beauty thread

    Hey all! I'm looking for some cool ideas on modifying a Player Strat to turn it into an absolute beast or beauty. The rules for this thread are simple - just follow the template layout below if you have any ideas/suggestions. If you only have a few things you want to add that's fine - just skip...
  15. Fendrix

    Vintage tuner bushings coming out

    Hi All, it seems like 2 bushings in my vintage tuners are coming out. When I got this guitar a month ago they were not 100% flat but they did not protrude this much either. One of the bushing seems to be protruding only on one side. The screws on the back of the headstock seem tight. What's...
  16. D

    Charvel DK24 Compatible with Standard Fender Locking Tuners?

    Can I drop standard Fender locking tuners in this without drilling new lead holes? Here's what the stock ones look like:
  17. D

    Peghole Sizes on the American Pro Strat?

    Does anyone happen to know what size pegholes are on an American Professional Stratocaster (2019 model in particular), 8.8mm or 10mm? Who's replaced tuners on one?
  18. Pufedu

    Locking tuner suggestions for Classic Player Strat

    Hi! I would like to get some suggestions for locking tuners to install into my Classic Player Stratocaster. It has the vintage style tuners with small bushings (or whatever you call them), so I guess most of the locking tuners won't fit into it without some drilling? I do not want to risk...
  19. qjenks23

    GFS Jimi pickups?

    I just traded in my 66 reissue G400 SG for a Deluxe Squier Strat and i was gonna upgrade it with some aftermarket parts. Does anyone know if GFS pickups are good, I’m really interested in the “Jimi” pickups, or just low output single coils in general. Anyone know if they sound nice? I don’t...
  20. Sentinel

    Graduated Locking Tuners for MIM Deluxe Strat

    From what I understand, I can delete the string-trees if I install graduated/staggered tuners. This is my first Strat, and my first guitar with string-trees, so now I know first hand what a pain they are for trem usage. Rather than installing roller-trees or some kind of nylon type trees, I'd...
  21. Will13

    Are there "Drop In" Vintage Style tuners for 60's Classic Series MIM?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if there are 'drop in' upgraded tuners for my 60's classic series Strat (MIM) It Currently has what I believe to be pings (from doing some research) My '57 AVRI has the same exact looking tuners (unbranded on the backing as well) But they feel more sturdy, they're...
  22. THRobinson

    Fender "F" non-locking Tuners

    I have a guitar neck/body at home I got cheap and looking to frankencaster it. The headstock has the tuner holes and 2-pin holes, like Fender tuners. I was looking to get some satin ones without the "F" but some cheap ones popped up on the local buy&sell. What I'm wonder is... 1) Are they...
  23. C

    Upgrading a new Chinese built Squier Strat

    Im currently living and working outside the USA and I was not able to bring any of my guitars with me so after arriving at my location I purchased a Chinese built Squire Stratocaster which I had to set up myself. Out of the box it played like garbage and wouldn’t stay in tune well but some...
  24. Count Glockula®

    Two Strat parts questions...

    Hello, 1.) So is the tremolo bridge supposed to be flushed to the body to maintain a specific string height? 2.) How do locking tuners work? I've always wondered about this. I've fiddled with string height and string gauges; but majority of my gauge choice is light. My main concern is what...
  25. Count Glockula®

    Let's talk tuners!!!

    Of the 25+ years of playing, I've never own one. And would like some suggestions. I down loaded the Fender tuner app on my phone, but I need one during performance. What do you guys recommend?