1. H

    OG SuperSwitch wiring advice needed

    I have a superswitch and I’ve been looking for a wiring diagram that gives me the following p/up combos. If someone could point me in the right direction? 1. Bridge 2. Bridge + Neck 3. Middle 4. Neck + Middle 5. Neck
  2. Jmccanless

    Can I add a capacitor to each tone pot?

    First of all I wanted to say hello. This is my first post on this forum and I have seen a TON of information here but not anything on this topic, so here’s my situation/hypothesis/question: I want to mod an old Epi Strat I got and had an idea I wanted to try. Since I only paid 20 bucks for it...
  3. S

    How does this Strat wiring work?

    I recently bought my first Strat from an estate sale...a 1998 American Standard, I think. Having a blast with it, but the tone knobs don't work as described. I lifted the pick guard to see how things were wired. Wow! Rat's nest. Can anyone help me sort this out? 1. The middle and bridge tabs...
  4. fkitch

    Need wiring suggestions for a 4 pickup SG project

    Hi all Looking for opinions for one of those 'just because' projects, I bought a very, very mistreated made in Japan Columbus SG copy (late 70s I think) for 90 USD and I'm using it as receptor of spare pickups I had lying around, and a 'chigsby' tremolo. IMG20220109200629 by fkitch posted Jan...
  5. Martian Eye

    2 stacked singlecoils in series

    Curious if anyone's attempted running 2 stacked singlecoils, like the dimarzio area/virtual vintage pickups, in series; as in, all 4 coils in series. It's a known mod to run 2 true singlecoils in series to approximate humbucker tones. Wondering if the same could be done to a strat equipped with...
  6. W

    Different wiring format confusion?

    edited to add better diagrams. ----- Hi new here, and first post so please be gentle. Just a 'simple' wiring question regarding an SSS Stratocaster. Looking at different diagrams I'm finding two different ways to wire up the pots, and I'm just wondering what the difference is, why one option...
  7. S

    help on wiring

    hi so i want to wire a strat with a 5 way switch that was normal except position 4 was neck and bridge, apparently this isnt possible, but what is is doing it with position 5 being neck 4 being neck and bridge 3 being bridge 2 being middle and bridge and 1 being middle, but im not sure how id...
  8. U

    HELP: Mini Strat Mods

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so I apologize if I've miscategorized this thread. I'm looking into getting a Mini Strat, modding it and replacing essentially all of the hardware and electronics. I've already decided on new tuners, saddles, and replacing the pickups with the Lace...
  9. JediJc

    Fender S1 & Super Switch Wiring Diagram?

    Does anyone have a Fender American Deluxe wiring diagram showing an S1 and a super switch? I have a project that's been sitting in a box for far too long. I'd like to wire up an S1, 5 way super switch and Texas Special pickups. So if anyone has done this or has any tips please let me know...
  10. M

    Squier new pickups and wiring problems

    Hello everyone, I have a Squier Stratocaster that I bought used and have been fixing up. So I bought me some Lace Alumitones and I am trying to wire the pick guard I have been trying for many moons. I can not find a wiring diagram and my electric skills stop at following directions. I was hoping...
  11. fleezinator

    Neck + tapped bridge on HSS Performer?

    I’ve got a loaded fender performer HSS pickguard from stratosphere on the way. I’m really digging the tones I’ve heard in demos for the double tap humbucker and I previously had a Yosemite SSS set so I’m familiar with the neck and middle pups. I’m hoping this HSS set is versatile for my needs...
  12. mstan2184

    New Electronics Install

    Hey everyone, I own an old 2001 Jimmy Vaughn Tex Mex Strat. I've had some noise issues recently with the electronics, and it's time for an upgrade, so I'm replacing all the electronics. I purchased a new fender 8-hole vintage pickguard and it doesn't come with any aluminum/copper shielding. I...
  13. D

    Help with wiring my upcoming build!

    Hello all I'm new to this forum but this will be my 4th strat build but the wiring has me troubled, would someone be able to do me a diagram for the following? i plan on making an HSS strat but i want to put a 4 way switch in it and the positions would be 1 (Just) Bridge humbucker 2 Middle 3...
  14. LeSim

    HSS wiring with 1 vol, 1 tone and 1 blend?

    Hello everyone, I'm a very beginner when it comes to electronics and wiring. I've done a couple of partcasters with basic wiring so far and it was pretty much working as expected! My new project is a HSS partcaster for which I'll be happy to share pictures of when it's gonna be finished :D...
  15. roadrash

    Newly installed pickups are producing a hum

    I've read similar issues to mine regarding hum, it seems to be when its a ground issue, touching metal parts on the guitar or strings seems to stop the humming. That's not the case for me, my issue is a constant hum. My friend who does wiring for a living installed a JB bridge and a Phat Cat in...
  16. J

    5 way Super Swtich Schematic for specific needs

    Hey everyone, I am trying to build a dTele/Strat. Tele body with 3 pickups and a 5 way super witch. I am trying to accomplish the following switch setup: Pos 1 - bridge (normal) Pos 2 - Bridge/middle (normal) Pos 3 - Bridge/Neck (like a Tele middle position) Pos 4 - Middle/Neck Pos 5 - Neck...
  17. StratoStrummer

    two humbuckers and a volume problem. should I remove the single tone knob?

    Good evening everybody, I recently played again, after several years (yes), my Gibson flying V. Humbuckers are classic 57 at neck and 57 + at bridge position. Pots are Gibson 500k. She has two volumes, one for each of the humbuckers, and a tone which acts only for the bridge pu. The neck pu has...
  18. ajkandy

    Wiring 4-conductor pickups for Strat sounds?

    Hi all, I got a set of NOS Ultrasonic Ref 1s + a Ref 2 to go into my Fender Japan short scale strat rebuild. These are (not sure which) either rails or stacked coil humbuckers that use 4-conductor plus ground wiring. They have a small PC board on the back with five terminals - 2 for each...
  19. fenderguy4life

    Lions and Tigers and Upgrades, oh my!

    What's your first upgrade? Mine is usually the pickups. Been doing some digging down the rabbit hole lately. Pots and caps and switches replaced as well. Scratching my head as to what to do next. Locking tuners anybody?
  20. J

    Wiring Diagram for MIJ Squier Contemporary E-Series?

    So, I'm quite new to wiring guitars. As of recently, I have purchased many "broken" guitars on the cheap and got them fixed with much success. Some of them include a 1960's Harmony acoustic and a late-90's Epiphone, but I digress. I have only wired two guitars before including a normal...
  21. R

    New 'Build' Ultimate Les Paul.

    I'm gonna do it. The Ultimate Les Paul according to.....
  22. W

    Can you use parallel ext. speaker out as a speaker input?

    Hello! Quick question: If you have a combo amp with a parallel speaker out jack (for adding a second cabinet/speaker in parallel with the internal speaker), can you use it as an *input* by sending it a signal from an external power amp, instead of the internal one? The scenario is simple: I...
  23. L

    First Time Soldering: Swap Noiseless for CS 69 pickups

    I recently purchased a set of Custom Shop 69 Strat pickups with the intention of replacing the Noiseless pickups set in my MIM Classic 70s Strat. I've never soldered before but have read up on it and was thinking of this being my first attempt. I opened up the pickguard and saw an orange cap...
  24. S

    HSS with just 2 pot controls?

    Hey all, I posted earlier but I ended up just running into more questions so here goes: How can I wire an HSS to a master tone and master volume and also get an auto coil tap in the 2nd position? A diagram would be amazing but the ones I've found are slightly off from what I'm looking for...
  25. S

    HSS wiring help

    Hey all, I'm trying my first mod/build and want to do an HSS set up, turns out it's kind of complicated due to the cap and pot values being mismatched. From what I understand, my options are either 1 - wire the pups using resistors so the sc's see 250k, hb sees 500k 2 - get overwound sc's so I...