3 Humbucker wiring with a 5-Way Blade Switch

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    Aug 30, 2020
    photo_2020-08-16_15-50-18 - Kopie.jpg After refinishing my old beginner guitar I wanted to put in some new hardware and am now looking for instructions on the wiring as the wiring diagrams I found so far are a bit confusing.

    Would somebody be so kind as to explain to me which wire needs to be soldered where exactly on the potis, the switch and the output jack?

    1-3 Bridge Pickup (Humbucker)

    4-6 Middle Pickup (Hotrail Humbucker)

    7-9 Neck Pickup (Hotrail Humbucker)

    10-11 Output Jack

    12-14 Volume Poti

    15-17 Tone Poti

    18-24 5-Way Blade Switch

    (I forgot to add the capacitor in the photo, but as I understand it, it would need to be soldered on 17 and the "body" of the tone poti)

    With the Oripure Pickups I bought, the color code is:

    Black and Bare (1, 4, 7): Ground

    White and Red (2, 5, 8): North and South Finish

    Green (3, 6, 9): Hot Output

    Can I use this wiring diagram
    1. and connect the green (hot output) where the diagram says "red",
    2. ground the black and bare (ground) where the diagram says "green and bare" and
    3. just tape up white and red and leave them unconnected to anything?
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    Feb 28, 2018
    hi There ,

    i will help you without any problem , but i need some time to write all .
    you can use the wiring diagram but , please be aware that only two pickups are wired to the tone control and personally i would use a "50's" gibson wiring as to my personal taste is sounds better and cleans up very well with the volume roled off .

    one last question , what brand are the pickups and if you can share more tech data
  3. jvin248

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    Jan 10, 2014

    You can follow the diagram you have.

    Be cautious with "50s wiring" if you use volume and tone knobs (rather than diming them all the time) you'll get weird interactions like the tone knob drops the volume or the volume changes the tone. Some love it, I think they dime the tone knobs all the time though.

    Treble bleed often works better, more intuitively, but takes testing a few different cap/resistor combinations to find the one you like best but after that it's a set and forget mod.

    Tape off the 2,5,8 wire ends, those are the 'coil split' bits if you had a push/pull you wanted to coil split with. They are the end of one bobbin and the start of the second bobbin.

    Then use this Strat diagram ignoring the single coils for your humbuckers.
    Use 'green' as the 'ground' and the 'white/black' as the 'hot', but check the pickup manufacturer's diagram as every factory wires them with different colors. If you don't have the factory diagram but you do have a multi-meter you can measure the kohms across the different wires and figure out which ones match up... humbucker PAF style will be 8k for the whole humbucker/4k for each bobbin on up to 16k hot humbucker with 8k single bobbins. See the trend, the bobbins are each half the total series kohms.


  4. Skinny Nitro

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    This is the closest Seymour Duncan diagram. The difference is the "hot" and "ground " from the pickups, with your pickups solder the greens to the switch lugs and the blacks with bares to the volume pot case.

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    Aug 9, 2021
    I have a very similar question and I hope it’s ok to ask here. I have a Ibanez Strat style with HSH but I put in a stacked humbucker in the middle making it HHH I don’t want any splits I think I figured it out but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve included a picture of the 5 way switch wired. 97CD0038-1874-4D78-8D9F-AD187FDAF0B3.jpeg