3 songs you love but can't stand listening to

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    same as before
    Blaming the song for mass marketing’s over-saturation seems mis-directed. And frankly if this is just a thread about played out songs, well then you all have some ‘splaining to do cuz a lot of you are the ones that act like no other music, broadly speaking, but 70s guitar rock standards ( eg stairway, hotel Cali, and SOTW) matters or is even any good. But really who listened to it too much? why yes the very ones complaining. I haven’t heard smoke on the water since I graduated high school in 1980. Reminds me of my uncle Frankie (RIP) who in 1971 when he was 17 (and a darn good drummer)famously ate a whole can of chocolate frosting (canned frosting had no right to exist in the first place- it’s practically a petroleum product) and got sick. Never ate it again. Pity. Good chocolate frosting is a blessing - he should’ve ruined peppermint schnapps for himself like everyone else did. Who cares if you never drink it again?
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    Mine are not rock orientated. In fact we rarely hear '70's rock on British radio.

    Brilliant songs but overplayed.

    Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

    Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

    Stuck in the middle with you - Stealers Wheel.
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    First two, sure. But, Stuck in the Middle is one of the few songs where I can fake slide playing pretty half-assly. Fun, and it drives my bass player mad.