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    Sep 28, 2006
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    .............that I never thought I'd cover because eveyone else has . :)

    Everybody's done it. Stevie Ray, Tuck and Patti, The Corrs, KWS-everybody. I go in GC, Sam Ash and all the young ones that aren't shredding are butchering it............but it is such a simply understated beautiful song so..........

    Here's my cover of Little Wing. A whole lot of influences and some of my own colors. There is a solo break ay about 2:33 they mixed in kind of abruptly-well brighter than I actually wanted it to but I'll fix that in the mix a little later. I liked the solo-don't know about the distortion patch used-oh well. Check it out! Comments appreciated and expected. Here's the link:

    Musically Mr M @ SoundClick Click the music link then play the song, "Little Wing"

    It's been awhile since I last posted here so I'm hoping to really get a chance while on vacation to get back here a little more often. I really like this forum :)
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    Jun 10, 2006
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    arch: i thought it was gorgeous! i liked it well enough that i'm gonna steal a lick or two from it, i think i heard a short octave passage i liked alot...

    the skanky distortion tone worked as a good contrast to the rest of the song, you probably ought to leave it like it is.