Absolutely annoying.


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Sep 5, 2020
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no problem = thank you

I think you're on the other side of that - someone says "Thank you", you respond "no problem". In Spanish, you'd typically say "de nada", which translates to "It's nothing" instead of "no problem".

Annoying language? Americans trying to use English. :D

The USA and the UK - two nations separated by a common language.

BTW what exactly IS the difference between "country" and "western"?

One makes you want to punch a wall. The other makes you want to also be the wall you're punching.


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Jun 10, 2013
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Some phrases that bug me:

"A whole 'nother" ("nother" is not a word)

"The thing is, is that..." (repeated "is")

"Sooner than later" (I've only started noticing this recently.. When exactly is "sooner than later"?)

"This." (often posted on online forums in response to something)

Also, many of the corporate buzzwords companies tend to like to use. For instance, the word "bandwidth" to mean time (as in "I don't have the bandwidth to work on that right now").

Another thing is I've noticed many people confuse a forward slash (/) with backslash (\). I sometimes hear people mentioning a web site (even in radio/TV commercials) where the say "backslash" as part of the site address. Site addresses use forward slashes, not backslashes..


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Dec 29, 2013
This pertains to the printed word, but when people attempt to type “ definitely “ but it comes out “defiantly “.
Spell check doesn’t catch it because, well, it isn’t a spelling error.

Bob Spumoni

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May 5, 2019
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1. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. I like and use that one.
2. Totally. In the right context is fine. Not surfer or Valley Girl speak.
Or the person in front of you at subway, when asked what toppings do you want. Umm, let’s do lettuce, and let’s do tomato , let’s do some onion. WTF…

Not everyone likes all toppings - I'd be one. Subway sucks anyway, as does lettuce. Have not tried the new menu, likely will not.
You're just so like totally open-minded and everything! Have a good evening.


Wow, I wish I had that little to be annoyed about. Each generation seems to have it's own pet words or phrases. I'm sure some I still use might be annoying to a 30 year old but it's how I talk or phrase things. I'm not trying to be annoying and neither are they. It's all just the vernacular of people of a certain age or social cluster.

Ain’t that the truth Ruth.


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Mar 15, 2019
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Annoying... my typing. :oops:

Hopefully few notice, but I sometimes seem to leave out key words in a statement I'll make. Or apparently add words that do not belong.

It is not intentional. I have a sort of backwards way of editing and proofreading before I hit Post Reply. It is getting worse. I'll go back later and see the errors, sometimes after someone may respond and quote. There is at least one here.

I try to be a decent wordsmith. :)
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Jan 10, 2021
Same difference.

It bugs the S*** out of me. I mean like WTF does that even mean?

I use that a lot to point to peope that they just corrected me with a synonym of what I just said... for example...

I would say something like: This was fast...

Then the correct me with something like: It wasn't fat is was quick...

I will then reply: Fast... quick... same difference...

I hate people that insist of correcting others with 1/1000th of a shade of nuance... FPS, did they understand wha I meant ! Well then why do they feel the needs to correct me ?