Advice on ST-562 Japan Strat or Squier MIJ Silver Series - seems legit?


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Mar 13, 2022
Hi all!

Currently looking for a new guitar after my previous being stolen years back.

Been wondering if this ST562 seems legit to you? Haven't found anything suspicious to my eyes:
Anyone had experience with those Japan Strat models? How does it feel to play in overall etc

Optionally I'm also looking into 91/92ish Squier Silver Series Starts which I heard were made very nicely and sturdy:

I would really appriciate your advice on that! Thanks!


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Nov 19, 2021
Not a strat talent at all, but the guitars I have had from the fugigen factory, have been bloody good! I would take a punt on the build quality and reserve my anticipation to be prepared to change some easy parts and end up with a great strat.


Feb 28, 2008
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Just to point out - the first one is an ST-362 and not ST-562. The 562 was a "Contemporary" Strat with a different tremolo system made between 1984-1987.


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Apr 20, 2019
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For the money both are asking I 'm sure you could pickup a new better spec'd model albeit Mexican. I love Japanese Strats but neither of these are doing it for me i'm afraid! 🙂👍


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Dec 6, 2019
colorado springs
I have a Silver Series from 93-94. I really dig it! Mine is very comfy with a slightly thicker neck than my 2 USA Strats. I also have no complaints regarding build quality. It does seem to have a rounder fretboard, I think vintage? For me it is a nice addition to what I have currently and has been solid in the few years I have owned it. I cannot comment on the ST. I have only played one but it was beat up by prior owners to the point that I couldn't make a fair comparison. Good Luck and enjoy whatever you get.