Alegree bodies


Senior Stratmaster
Jan 14, 2021
Edmonton, Alberta
I’ve heard of them but have never bought one. They could be decent. At least they say right in the description something about not being suitable for relicing due to the sealer coat. So it’s probably finished like the AVRI series which is still super cool at that price point.


Jun 19, 2021
Dover, Pa
For what it's worth, Colin at the YouTube channel CSGuitars seems to like Alegree. He did a partscaster build using their parts (Daphne blue Strat style body, baked maple neck, P90s). The only thing he was really critical of was the bridge he bought. But other than that he likes them.

Mr Jagsquire

Sep 26, 2020
I nearly bought one of their bodies for my self build last year. Two things put me off: No weight listed in the advert and that the nitro is 'satin' (or might be matt). That meant I'd still have to spray it with clear coat and buff, so I figured I might as well buy a bare wood body in that case and spray the lot.

Only problem with the one I did that with is that they must have faulty scales because the body weighed over 2.5kgs on it's own and the finished guitar weighed more than my Les Paul. I ended up buying another (poly) finished body off eBay (UK) that listed the weight as 1.7kg and I made sure I checked when it arrived. The finished guitar was much lighter and better for my back for long gigs/3 hour rehearsals.

I'm going to strip the eBay poly body this summer and knock the sharp edges off before I refinish it in nitro. Bottom line; I should have bought a bare body from Guitar & Bass build who list their weights, seem to have nicely rounded edges and done the job once instead of three times. 🙄😁