Anybody have the iSet Dumbler pedal?


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Jan 23, 2020
If so, how do you like it? I just ordered a pedal that appears to be the same exact pedal as the iSet Dumbler. So I figured I'd ask any see if anybody had one and what their thoughts were on it.

Anybody? I just ordered this "Stax Dumbler" that seems to be the same pedal.

Thanks in advance!

Screenshot_20220420-065550_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20220420-065532_Amazon Shopping.jpg

The iSet Dumbler for comparison

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Jun 28, 2011
I have what is probably the same pedal, different logo. At first, I liked it fairly well, but mine picked up a radio station and I stopped using it. So, seeing your post, I just got up and went and tried it. My rig is in a different room now and I had zero interference. And I like it a lot again. It is a nice warm OD, kind of similar to a Klon, but not quite. When I used it at first (despite the radio interference, I used it a lot for a couple of months) I liked it best in conjunction with another OD, either a Plexi, or a Klon clone. Used alone, one thing I really like about it is that I can set it so I can really take advantage of the guitar volume to go from a warm cleanish tone, to a sound with some bite.


Mr Jagsquire

Sep 26, 2020
Completely different make/model I know, but I bought a used Wampler Ecstasy pedal because I hadn't got anything that was in the Dumble area. I wasn't really sure if I was going to like it (despite listening to many videos comparing with other pedals I'm more familiar with). However, it's now the main pedal I use for our gigs: It responds so well to guitar volume and playing style/technique...I love it. :)

Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find any budget Dumble style pedals when I was looking, hence this used purchase, but if that iSet sounds anything like my Ecstasy then it must be a bit of a bargain.