Anyone ever met a high profile criminal or serial killer?

Dr Cornelius

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Oct 16, 2014
Dorset, England
One of my best mates got sentenced to life for killing a guy who attacked him on his doorstep for playing music loudly in the early hours.

He was a simple guy who was no angel but definitely didn’t come across as having that rage in him. He ended up doing about 16 years and I met him for a beer when he came out. Amazingly he was the same person despite being locked in category A for so long. I think because he wasn’t one to dwell or overthink stuff he got through it whereas I would probably have gone mad being isolated for so long

Engine Swap

Dec 23, 2019
Not a major criminal, but...

When I was 16, I worked at a tire store on the edge of town. I was standing in the service bay and saw the county sheriff pull into the parking lot. I turned to one of my coworkers and joked: "Hey Mike - they're coming to get you!"

To my surprise, Mike ran out the back door and into a cornfield. Found out later, Mike owed child support. The sheriff had only stopped in to get a tire checked.

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