Anyone Re-fret with Fender Pre-cut Med Jumbo Fret Wire (199-1998-000)


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Feb 13, 2014
All my Fenders have Med Jumbo frets on 9.5" radius fretboards. Just wondering if these are the same. I checked out guitars with Tall-Narrow and Jumbo frets but have played the Med-Jumbo's for so long that I have no desire to change. I have two early 90's Strats that have noticable, fret wear in the lower frets (1-9) and was thinking of taking a bag of these frets to a local luthier to use to refret one.
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Sep 16, 2012
I like the Fender Medium Jumbo sized frets too, they feel just right to me. The Fender Medium Jumbo fret measurement = .103" wide x .046" high. These measurements are the same as Stewmac 0149 Fretwire. I've used the 0149 for multiple re-frets on my Strats and it was a perfect match to the factory Medium Jumbos that came on my '62HR Strat and my '99 US Deluxe Strat. Anyway that's another perfect option if your luthier prefers to radius and cut the wire himself to suit the job. It's the 2nd item down on this page: ->


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Sep 25, 2017
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I only use Stewmac fret wire and keep a full stock of all sizes so I can replicate the frets on the neck I am working on or to refret to the owners choice of frets.