Are “special editions” worth more?

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    Smart ass.
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    The trick to buying gear that one sounds great and two, will more than likely raise in value?

    talk to a studio musician, they have gave me very good advice over the years… I have pickups worth more than the guitars they are in, and stomp boxes worth more than a few amps…the internet told
    Me I was getting ripped off? Muhahaha some of this gear was a stretch to purchase at the time, sure glad I did…

    the wild card is something hard to get to begin with and no longer available. Supply low/demand high.
    Special editions, not so much.

    rare now a-days for this to happen, but it does happen occasionally.

    two current examples, would be Ron Ellis or Don mare pickups, a few others I keep under my hat , you pay your money, you wait in line, they show up after you forgot about em, and if you don’t like them, they will sell on reverb for more than you paid for them.

    I have not sold any pickups from the above winders, because they are great pickups.

    the internet tells you this is a rip off? They do it here every day. While they buy a lesser pickup they will for sure loose money on when they sell….and being a lesser pickup, they will more than likely end up selling it for the next low cost flavor of internet group think.

    and if you make a sound investment choice in gear? The internet masses will tar and feather you for doing so.

    just an observation. Don’t take offense.
    I sure don’t.
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    Spot on. You mentioned/depicted some other such pickups in a post, the Winder Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken :D, that I hadn't purchased with came to me with a guitar (at no extra charge), and are a particular favorite of mine. Not because the mythos is true, or because I got sold on the idea, but just because they sound freakin' great. I bought the guitar. Had never heard of them before that.

    So good, in fact, that I realized after your other post, that I had actually never flipped the pickguard, to in fact see that those were the pickups in it.

    Of course I knew the seller and the builder so I trusted they were, but up until then I had only watched a few videos when they told me what was in it. Heard the quality in those and when I got the guitar, I could hear that same quality. Really unmistakeable.

    I subsequently did flip the pickguard and the are the originals, not the copies being sold by the much vilified vendor who purports to make them today. My understanding was they originally sold for around $500 a set new, which isn't all that much of a premium over other boutique makers or even some SD sets. The prices people pay for em now are nuts. But that's the market.

    But you wanna see the internet get their panties in a bunch, just mention that
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    Two headed chickens are rare.

    Mass produced stuff sometimes not so much.
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    I have a Don Mare SS in my “E” style. Amazing pickup