been a rough couple of weeks, and goodbye


no earthly reason why
Apr 13, 2015
300 miles from anywhere.
landlord is making our lease renewal impossble, so all the development i've done the last ten years are to be scrapped and i have 20 months to move our wildlife hospital without disrupting our mission or patient care... its kind of a blow - i spent the last young man energy i had (sg 48-58) building this place, and now i have to do it again... ugh.

so today i went out on a call for a very sick deer in someone's front yard on a crummy day in series of them and the first sounds that great me when i start the car: Gil Scott-heron's Pieces of a Man, and on the way back, Simply Red's Holding Back the Years.... and i said "yeah radio, that's how it is..."

in any case, my workload is increasing dramatically right now, and i dont have the wherewithal for fun and goofing off... so my presence around here is about to go to a bare minimum, if any at all...

while i'm away practice your instrument, make music and keep your noses clean

be safe out there.



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Aug 14, 2009
Southeast USA
A lot of other people might decide to just give up facing that sort of uphill battle. But what little we (well, "I") know about you from your presence here Monte, at least I know you won't be giving up.

Sorry you're hitting a rough patch. But I hope you can push forward and onward, and maybe still find time to poke around here every now and then.


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Dec 20, 2018
Down on the upside
Sending every positive vibe I can your way. Your work is so important, it saddens me to hear this. I will really miss your posts. Update us when you can, but know we’re with you in spirit while you’re away.