Bluetooth earbuds?


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Jan 23, 2020
How useful are they? I've been considering picking up a pair. I actually ordered some a couple of days ago and then cancelled them after I convinced myself I didn't need them and I was only buying them because they were marked way down.

These are by Anker Soundcore. It's their Liberty Air Pro 2 True Wireless earbuds. They have active noise canceling, transparency mode that pumps up the outside sounds using the mics in the earbuds so they're like mini hearing aids, and some other features. Touch vol control and stuff.

Are they as useful as they seem? I don't particularly use earbuds currently so it's not like I'd be replacing wired with wireless. I'm worried I'll buy them and they'll end up in the drawer in a month. Can you use them with an amp or daw, like normal headphones?

Just trying to decide whether I actually want to get some of these Bluetooth earbuds.

Anybody got anything to add?


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May 25, 2020
Wireless earbuds fundamentally changed my musical life.

After I acquired some a few years back, I began to listen to far more music than before- simply because I found the wireless feature so convienent.

I’m now at the point where I feel totally tied down and uncomfortable with wired buds lol.
The sacrifice in sound quality is there but hardly noticeable.

Usually you can’t really use them on an amp because of the latency and thus delay in live time that happens. Same applies to a DAW.


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Feb 11, 2013
North Carolina
I use Bluetooth earbuds every day for listening to music at work. Never used them for recording but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work. I have a $60 pair of Tozo brand I got off Amazon. They are surprisingly better than the Bose set my wife got for almost $300. The Toto’s have all the features you mentioned above as well as really good barrels life and offer wireless charging if you into that sort of thing (i am).


Mar 21, 2022
I love the convenience of them (slim 50) and use them often for streaming music and/or watching vids. But for true high-fi quality, a good pair of wireless head phones can't be beat.

Bob the builder

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May 2, 2016
Cranston, Rhode Island
I carry a set daily
Sometimes homeowners are working from their home office or kitchen table.
don't want to hear my stuff while they're on the phone or whatever.
They're great for that purpose.
I don't think they'll work playing or recording due to latency.
With a mustang micro I can Bluetooth my phone to the amp but not the amp to headset
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Apr 21, 2021
I have the Sony noise cancelling (wf‑1000xm3) and they are fantastic. Only issue is the bluetooth is a little finicky at times, but they are 5+ years old and a newer model was rolled last year, where I assume the BT technology has been updated.

Great for the plane. The Bose ones are also supposed to be great.

I second that they are not good for Guitar related stuff due to latency.


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May 28, 2014
Prairieville, Louisiana
I wear bluetooth enabled hearing aids (Phonak p90R) all day everyday. From a music and podcast perspective they are awesome as I can stream both into my ears all the time while still hearing outside sounds. They aren't high fidelity, but sound good for basic music listening - low end is lacking. They also boost 4khz and up about 50dB (my hearing loss area), so listening TV or music on a speaker sounds much better and clearer than without them. I went to a restaurant last night and I will say they did nothing to help me in a loud environment towards hearing people next to me better. They also serve as my phone interface for audio and speaking. No way I would spend $3500 on a pair of these, but fortunately the VA picked up the cost.

I plan to wear these and mix music on my monitors as I should now get a better high frequency balance while wearing them.


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Jan 20, 2014
Southern California
I had an inexpensive pair sort of shaped like Apple airpods, but never could get used to them, and thought they looked goofy. Not the greatest sound either. Then I found that Motorola has a fairly new line out called Moto Buds. They don't have that long rod on them, and they fit my ear perfectly. Really nice sound, and they block out almost all outside sound. I wear these daily for bike rides along the beach, listening to SiriusXM. They cost about 50 bucks.



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Apr 28, 2016
St. Louis
I managed to get really lucky last year and scored a new set of Shure Aonic 215 TW2 airbuds for free. (Long story, short version is Shure's customer service and IT departments are first rate.)

These are great earbuds. Noise cancelling, comfortable to wear, great sound, easy to recharge--and holds charge a long time. I love them. Without them, flying would literally be unbearable to me.

Definitely check them out, if you can.



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Jan 23, 2020
Thank you all! After thinking on it for the last few days trying to decide whether I really need and/or want them, and after ordering them twice and canceling both times, I've ordered them AGAIN. Lol! You guys have convinced me that I may actually end up using them more than I expect.

These have active noise canceling, 6 mics, infinitely adjustable hearing profiles you can customize to your liking, transparency mode that works like mini hearing aids for lack of a better description, and some other stuff.

They'll only cost me about $18 out of pocket so I figured why not. If I don't like them, I can always return them. These are shaped more like Air Pods rather than the Raycon style ones.

Thanks again, guys!

Edit: it's these ones right here. Apparently they're normally $129? Jeez. I didn't realize they were that much normally.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds @ Best Buy

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Sep 5, 2020
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I've never found a set of even wired ear buds that worked for guitar. Sound quality issues.

OTOH, good headphones for guitar are easy to find inexpensively.


You can call me Duane 😁
Jan 23, 2020
I've never found a set of even wired ear buds that worked for guitar. Sound quality issues.

OTOH, good headphones for guitar are easy to find inexpensively.

Yea I have a set of "studio over-the-ear headphones" that I use when playing quietly. They were fairly inexpensive but I wasnt looking for studio level quality. Just something to use to few times I feel like using them.

I ordered the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pros and haven't cancelled them lol. Won't be here til Tuesday though. Not sure what happened with 1 & 2 day shipping at Amazon but they're back to waiting 3 or 4 days before they ship anything, suggesting that they're 3 or 4 days worth of orders behind.


You can call me Duane 😁
Jan 23, 2020
So these came in a few days ago. I've been using them more than I expected. One use I found is with my TV since it has Bluetooth. So Ive been using them late at night to watch TV.

To get them working well enough, I had to set all of the EQ's and 'hearing profiles' as loud as they'd go or else the volume seemed really low. They'll do for what I paid for them($18) but you'd have to be out of your mind to pay $129 or even $99 for these. They're $99 at Ankers website and $129 at Best Buy! Smh.