Brass "guitar" Nut

charlie chitlin

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Feb 17, 2007
The Berkshires
The Great Brass Scare of the 70's!
I don't think they did what everybody hoped they would do, but they didn't hurt, either.
And they look cool all shined up.


Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
I think brass is a good material. The issues I've had were due to how the brass was worked. String slots can go wrong many different ways. Brass seems to reveal this.


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Brass, bone, plastic, glass infused plastic...
All that matters is that it provide the essential point or edge that is needed.

However @dirocyn makes a salient point in that the strings are buried really deep. Ideally, about a third of the string ought to protrude above the nut. Which is remedied with a file and some polishing afterward.

As for issues, none that I can see. Certainly none that would not exist in any other material. Eventually though, brass being rather soft, the slots will be further deepened simply by the friction of string motion. Like any other material.

As nuts go, your's is the most elegant that I have seen.

Nick L Plate

Sep 15, 2020
Santa Barbara
No, no to linseed oil!
To which I will contribute 27 more nos! Linseed oil is terrible, period. No. and so forth.

As for brass nuts, the one in the pic is not seated correctly, but assuming a brass nut fits correctly, they work OK. I used to fabricate my own back in the day but other than looking cool, I experienced none of the supposed advantages (infinite sustain, "better tone," admiring glances from beautiful girls...). Brass tarnishes readily and in an ugly way, unfortunately, though you can lacquer it for protection, which is a bother, too. I find good, dense bone to be the best nut material, period. Unfortunately, even bone sold for guitars is now sometimes weak, grainy, or bleached stuff which lacks the benefits of good bone.