Broken capacitor, how much is it affecting the effect?

Johnny Danger

Senior Stratmaster
Aug 28, 2017
Denton, TX
So I recently picked up one of those vintage green things (TS10) and because they are expensive, I was inspecting the inside. It's a heavily gigged pedal and it looks like the only repair in its lifetime has been a replacement switch. However, upon more careful inspection, there is a broken ceramic capacitor (see photo) that looks to be a 1 microfarad value.

Honestly the pedal sounds fine. I could easily replace it, but it it's not making a large difference, it seems a shame to make any changes to the untouched board. What purpose does it serve and is it doing any harm running the pedal with it damaged?



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Jan 10, 2014

Looks like no metal bits are showing or damaged so it is likely working 'fine' as is.
Put some CA adhesive to seal the broken area though.