C’mon fender.


Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
Fender has nothing new that I want to buy these days. I am having fun buying vintage MIJ guitars on the cheap.

If I find a Vintera 70’s in mocha used at a good price I will get one. I like the pups in those better than the 69’s in the Classic series MIM.

If they come out with one in an AVRI again, I won’t get one, because for that kind of money you can get one that is actually from the 70’s.

I am so glad that my Nostalgia Machine only goes back as far as the 70’s. I would hate to have to buy a Strat from the 50’s or 60’s just to be happy. And I don’t really collect guitars so much as play them. They take me back to a points In time when life was better and full of wonder. That is getting more important to me as I turn into a crabby old man.