Can one combine Vintage Noiseless with standard SCs?

Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by Bonneville Bruce, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Bonneville Bruce

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    May 14, 2006
    I have a '50s Classic 1999 MIM that came with some unknown stock single coils. I put in a set of Vintage Noiseless to get quieter results while recording on a digital system. They work fine for that, and I hate to give up the humbucker functionality, but I prefer the single coil tones.

    Can I combine the two with a VN in the middle and SCs in the bridge and neck, or some such arrangement?

    When I had the VNs put in by my guitar tech, I was told that the VNs need to go in as a set due. Is this true?

    The reverse polarity/reverse wound approach seems the best of both worlds. If that is the case, which Fender rp/rw set is best?

    I'm not looking to buy a new set of pups unless there is no other solution.


    Bonneville Bruce
  2. ch0pz

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    Jun 22, 2006
    Melbourne, Australia
    Yes. You can.