cat lovers only.....


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Oct 22, 2011
We have 2 cats here at home, both rescue cats and we love them dearly. I've never owned a pedigree type cat but have always loved Maine Coons. After being on a waiting list for some time I was able to secure this little guy with a deposit on Saturday 🙂

It seems strange to me to talk about it as a purchase as I've only ever had rescue cats but I'm very excited. We pick him up in the middle of June.

Butcher of Strats

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Feb 28, 2022
Lately I spend more time prying little birds out of Sams jaws but he was playing cutie a bit today.
704A8F9F-6C21-4E30-80DB-6E8AF9530705.jpeg 73A9F106-2458-4B1F-9176-FC26A506E4BB.jpeg
Here’s one of his gifts to us that we had a heluva time getting to safety. Odd how they are brought as gifts yet he has stipulations on how we must utilize them! Little Goldie did fly off to safety after resting for half an hour in our handy bird triage unit.