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Dr. Stratster
Sep 5, 2020
Altered States
Having a cat knapping on notebook PC keyboard is ill advised. Cat dander can clog up a notebook PCs easily.

In a former life part of what I did was bench repair monkey / hardware maintainer. The level of careless feline sanitation I saw back then... public teachers no less.

I'm puzzling over that last sentence. But the idea of cats teaching in public schools actually sounds like it might keep kids more interested.


Senior Stratmaster
Jan 23, 2022
Sinks Grove, WV
Our two cats are brother and sister. Or at least we suspect so. My wife went out to the mailbox and heard crying in the ditch. There they were. Both very tiny, wet, cold, frightened and hungry. Some person had literally 'ditched' them. So they came into our lives. 13 years later, they still fairly ignore each other, but at feeding time, they each take turns, patiently waiting for a couple of minutes for the other one. No fighting. Occasionally they'll bush-whack each other, and run around. Very cool cats.


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May 17, 2009
Land Of 1000 Dances
"On a winter’s evening in 1949, Walter Chandoha was walking to his three-room apartment in Astoria, Queens, when he spotted an abandoned gray kitten shivering in the snow. He put it in a pocket of his Army coat and brought it home to his wife, Maria."

"The kitten’s antics — racing through the apartment each night as if possessed, shadowboxing with his image in a mirror — inspired the couple to name him Loco. Mr. Chandoha (pronounced shan-DOE-uh) was moved to photograph Loco and quickly sold the pictures to newspapers and magazines around the world."

"By the time he died in 2019, Mr. Chandoha had taken some 90,000 cat photos, nearly all before cats had become viral darlings of social media."








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