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    We Mods have put our collective heads together and decided that as much of a hot topic as the Corona Virus is at this time, we agree that the need to talk about it is important. Hot topics are generally not allowed on this site as you all know but the world right now is a different place than it was just a month ago. People are scared and information is sometimes spotty. Let me speak as plainly as I know how regarding potential issues in these threads. Arguing, name calling, berating other members, espousing your opinion as fact, political and/or religious statements WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. At all. Many posts and threads have been deleted and closed in the last few days for running afoul of these rules, which I may point out are our normal operating rules. We hope this sticky is plain and clear. We will be paying extra attention to Corona Virus threads/posts.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.