Dave Flett playing his 1963 Olympic White Stratocaster w/rosewood fingerboard


Aug 10, 2020
Atlanta, GA

This is a really old clip from Top Of The Pops, despite Gary Moore having played on the original studio version of Sarah.

This is also the same Strat that Dave Flett used for the solo on Blinded By The Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. I believe the solo on that was played through a MXR Phase 90 effects pedal. Chris Thompson played a Telecaster on that song.

Dave Flett no longer owns this Strat, having sold it to a music store in Fort Lauderdale in 2013. (Flett moved there from England in the early sixties.)

It would be interesting to know the serial number of this Strat, and more specifically when it was manufactured. I also wonder who owns this Strat now.

But hoping that this attracts fans of Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Thin Lizzy, both of whom are great bands.

RIP Phil Lynott and Gary Moore, both of whom were great musicians.


Aug 29, 2015
Appreciate it’s not the greatest quality video but that looks a lot like Scott Gorham.
Is Dave Flett playing the LP? I’m sure he had curly hair.
Could be mistaken… I usually am
I think you're correct, with this video showing Phil Lynott playing bass, Scott Gorham (on this occasion) playing that rather "distinctively modified" strat, Dave Flett playing the Les Paul, and Clive Edwards on drums.