Death of Jimmy Capps, longtime guitarist for the Grand ole Oprey.

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    I've watched country music for a long time and always liked to see Jimmy Capps play guitar at the Opry regularly and would also regularly see him backing up just about every country singer imaginable. He played the Oprey backing band for 62 years, and backed such singers as George Jones, Glen Campbell, Lynn Anderson, and oh so many others. He was not flamboyant, but was jus a rock-steady player who began playing at 11 years old and turned his playing into an illustrious career. He passed away in early June of unknown (or untold)causes, and I always wonder what finally gets these guys. He was in no way a shredder, just a guy who loved his guitar and knew how to use it. I hate to see these legends dying off! Anybody heard any of the circumstances of his death?