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    Nov 18, 2020
    Recently got deluxe Roadhouse strat that I love. If you're not familiar with this model it has preamp/s1 switching which I love. Watching video review I learned early rendition of this strat cave with Texas special pickups. For some reason they now have vintage noiseless pickups. If I want to switch to Texas special or any other pickups do I need specially built pickups that can be used with the preamp or is it simply pick any strat pickups and have guitar tech install them and they will work with preamp/s1 switching? I'm thinking that any pickup can be used but would like to know for sure. Additionally if anyone has this strat do you know why the second tone knob that works with preamp is labeled 1 thru 10 when it only has 6 settings. Guessing they have thousands of those knobs laying around and they just said to hell with it not cost effective to produce few thousand knobs with 6 numbers. Not a big deal but I do think it funny they did that
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    Nothing special needed. Choose the pickups you want and install them.