Did anyone else think Star Wars Episodes 7,8 & 9 su$&#d?

Brian Krashpad

May 27, 2011
Gainesville FL
The most recent three were not as good as the original three (Episodes IV, V, and VI), but I thought they were much better than the prequels (I,II,III). Perhaps oddly, I found that Rogue One (which is basically Episode III.5) was outstanding and every bit as good as the original trilogy (although darker in tone).

The Solo film was well-cast, but I thought that the storyline made serious mistakes in killing off its most likable secondary characters early on. Solo also lacked the villainy of the Empire/First Order that is the driving force of all the other films (except for Han's brief turn as an Imperial soldier near the start of the film).


Dr. Stratster
Jul 13, 2015
Foothills of the Cascades
Okay, which are 7, 8, & 9 again?

The first one isn't number 1 anymore, right? It's #3...? And #4 is really #1 but was filmed like 30 years after the first one which is number 3...?

I enjoyed the first one. The 'hero's journey' from the 70's ... but only because the FX were better than the horrible crap we'd suffered through until then. The story was written by the Greeks a few millennia ago so it was nothing new.

The others? They are just following the hollywood script...
"Beat it rigorously until you've squeezed every possible dollar out of it and stop before the masses chase you down and murder you."

Except Rogue One... I liked that one.

But I have to be honest... I only saw the first three, which are really the third through the fifth now, or something like that...anyway, I only saw the old ones in theaters. A long time ago...not too far from here.


Dr. Stratster
Feb 15, 2014
Episode 7, 8 and 9 are so Garbage Disney is going to just pretend it didnt exist and wipe out the whole Star Wars Universe a short bit after episode 6 and right before 7 and start all over again.

Mandalorian is a step in that direction.

JJ Abrams is a soulless shill who destroyed the franchise pretty much that coupled with Star Wars Land being a flop Disney really screwed up Star Wars.

Mandalorian is good but no amount of clean up can forgive what these bastards did to Star Wars.

The Animated Clone Series and Animated Star Wars series is far far better than anything in Ep 7-9. 7-9 is like someone gave the power of Disney and Star Wars and all that money that comes with it to a High School theatre class and told them to make it from start to finish.

The worst one is probably EP 8 but they are all rather pedestrian and just moments of my life I wish I could have back.......

In short EP 7-9 are just all utter garbage. It just does not get any worse than these.


Dr. Stratster
Feb 15, 2014
He destroyed Star Trek, too :(
Yes that bastard destroyed two Universes...

Two awesome universes.....

How!?!? What!??!?! Why!?!??!

That had to be a monumental feat of some sort. They are just so cool and well.....how is that possible?

How can you take two perfectly awesome universes and destroy each one, suck the life out of them and then present them as the same thing just modern.

Abramsverse Star Trek or Star Wars just need to be shoved down the memory hole, forgotten as if it was never made or existed or mentioned....Like a Voldemort of the two Star Trek and Star Wars universes .

JJ Abrams..........oh man......the things I want to say..... He is just a complete disaster and a garbage director/filmmaker, a Youtuber could probably make a better movie than this guy. Anything that man worked on in either Star Trek or Star Wars should just be erased and never mentioned again. In that sense Abrams is pretty talented because I cant think of anyone else who could of done what he did with both franchises.


Dr. Stratster
Jul 28, 2011
Yes. They sucked. Prequels were even worse. The sooner they can erase them and forget they exist, the better.

rogue one was decent enough. Mandalorian has been the first thing live-action that’s been very good, that Star Wars has done since the early 80s.

I did like some of the 90s novels though.

Marvel comes up aces with fans and critics in almost everything they do, and it seems like SW (also under the Disney umbrella) can barely do anything right.

no surprise that one of the Mandalorian’s head guys is also a marvel guy (favreau)


Dr. Stratster
Feb 15, 2014
EP 1-3 are not bad and some of my fave along with 4-6.

EP 1-3 are not the best but worthy but EP 7-9 as said are just unforgivable on so many levels.

I just feel the folks who made the 7-9 films put more work on making a film for "the new generation"......like nothing that is too offensive on any front.....not even from the villains..... The " we cant "offend" anyone and include everyone" sort of vibe.....instead of just doing cool stuff and making a fun movie....

Thats what killed Star Wars, the PC people had their way and the result was just some uninspiring, bland and revolting version of Star Wars.

This is why Mandalorian is awesome........they realized this and rectified the main issues.


Senior Stratmaster
Aug 8, 2020
North Central Florida
Attack of the Clones is the worst movie i've ever paid to watch.

You lucky man. I paid to see The Princess Bride, amongst a few other real plonkers, which literally
were an insult to the concession stand supporting them. It's tough, when the popcorn you're eating is the highlight of the evening's show.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with the general tone of the thread, IMO, it's difficult to maintain
uniformity of quality, throughout a series of sequels, some are bound to be better than others.
But the effects, though far cheaper and easier than the original movies, are well done, and production quality is always top notch.

IME, it's always easier to beat up the movie, because you don't like where the story is going, or would have preferred different situational issues, and plot changes. But I've always found Star Wars to be a very solid entertainment value.