Did you ever get GAS for something you used to have no interest in?


Nov 1, 2013
northeastern us
You should listen to Ted Greene if you haven’t already.
Ted Greene, Ed Bickert, and Tim Lerch are three jazz people i hold dear to my heart
who are known as Telecaster players.
Here are a few jazz tunes i did with one of mine:

There was a time when i wasn't interested in playing anything other than a Les Paul.
i've branched out quite a bit since then, though.
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Nick L Plate

Sep 15, 2020
Santa Barbara
Honestly, no. I'm glad to say I don't experience GAS. I usually sell something before acquiring anything else, and that approach seems to pre-empt GAS or impulsive acquisitions. Originally necessitated by a few decades of poverty, it's a discipline I maintain even now that I'm doing well.

Genghis Bomb

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Dec 9, 2008
Yes, and for me it’s not limited to guitar stuff, it can be anything. I can be talking to someone who is excited about their hobby, job, whatever, and suddenly I find myself looking at fishing boats, or telescopes, or drones, or almost anything. Mostly I am restrained enough to limit myself to just looking and appreciating, and don’t actually bring home the pair of Nubian goats, or the civil war bayonets, or the Funko Pop figureines that look like the cast of Giligan’s Island.

I’ll just say that optimism and natural cuiriosity mixed with a dash of stupidity can either be a lot of fun, or a recipe for danger.
Me in a nutshell right here. Forever a magpie!


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Apr 18, 2021
About a year ago, I got a sunburst American Original 60s Stratocaster. I was really craving a sunburst and fixated on it and had no interest in the shell pink or Olympic white Strats. I still have no interest in shell pink, but I’ve really started wanting the Oly white one. I’ve been looking at used ones and almost don’t want to find one that is in great condition, lightweight, and at a good price, because I know I don’t really need it. I won’t allow myself to have two of the same guitar, so I’d have to sell the sunburst, which I also love.
Have you ever found yourself wanting a certain guitar that you have seen for years and never really cared much about, until it starts to grow on you, and then you really want it?
Buy a Mexican Strat instead. You get the same guitar at less than half the price.
In those few cases there is some difference in electronics usually 15 to 20 USD is enough to make them exactly the same.
Remember that a Mexican Strat costs maybe 950 USD and an American Strat 2 200 USD or more. And Why ? Because the Salaries in Mexico is 1/4 of the Salaries. The Mexican Strat produced in USA would cost 3 800 USD. I have never heard of a normal American Strat that has that price.
The sound is the same on both guitars. I have played countless of both. And They sound the same. And those that say Mexican Strats are good for Intermidiate guitar players But not Good guitar players are Big time bull ****ting or They have an agenda. But Off Course most people know this. Thats Why almost all Fender guitars are made in Mexico. A few In USA and a little more in Asia. In 1982 Fender let Japan build Stratocasters and When the American Fender people came over there They could not believe What They saw. The Fender president Said ” This is What We have been trying to do But never gotten close to this quality of guitars” . So Japan sold Stratocasters that were at that time a lot better than the American Stratocasters for less than half the price of the American. Sometimes called the best deal in Fender History. What I am trying to say is Why pay more than double the price for the same guitar. You can have a Sunburst and an Olympias white and extra strings or whatever you need. That is if you are not obsessed with the ” Made in the USA” marking on the head of the guitar.
But a fool and his money go different Paths quickly. Not refereing to you.


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Mar 28, 2022
Nashville, TN
I've never really wanted a tele (not big into the look), but last week saw an am pro ii in dark night and wanted it. I had a dark night am pro ii strat and loved it and now I want it in the tele.


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Feb 13, 2022
Tampa, Florida
I was looking at buying a reso and came across the Mavis at Mule Resophonic. Wait time was 8-12+ months. I walked into my luthier a couple days later to drop off a couple guitars and she was hanging on the wall!
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Jun 2, 2012
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
I've never been a bridge pickup guy, usually play neck or both. I used to have a '65 Melody Maker that I very rarely played as the pickup was at the bridge. For the past couple years I've been craving a Junior style single pickup...with the pickup at the bridge. Can't seem to talk myself out of it.


Nov 13, 2015
Yup. I wait it out for a few months. If I still want it, then I'll get it but the GAS usually goes away shortly especially when I look at how many guitars I already have that get no play time.


Jan 5, 2014
Actually, after years of not being interested in semi-hollowbodies at all
and losing interest in archtops, i have recently become a bit obsessed
with both styles.

Go figure.

Really enjoying listening to these! Absolutely lovely.

What's your setup?

Where did you start learning that style of jazz guitar playing? Any recommendationed videos, sites, or books?

Thanks for posting!

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Oct 25, 2021
A 1990 U.S.A.-Made Squier Standard Strat. I bought it for my son’s 8th Birthday/Christmas present. My principal guitar at the time was a ‘78 SG Standard. featuring a Seymour Duncan ‘59 bridge pickup with coil tap and a TP-6 tailpiece. Over the years as my son went through a 7-string Ibanez phase,(not to mention a complete Pearl drum kit (with Humes and Berg cases), the Squier has come back to me. I installed a Hip Shot Tremsetter and it’s now my longest serving electric guitar.