Don't Pay For Cool


Sep 11, 2012
non ya
Man I wish someone would have told me that a long time ago.

Great story and reminds me of most of my friends and what I picture a lot of old ST folks are like.

Hoping this quote becomes a common response to some of the recurring gear questions.

Cool channel to check out.



Apr 10, 2019
Dallas via Memphis
Good story. I liked where he talked about the first night he played the Esquire. I've played old guitars like that, that just draws you in and you play for hours. It was like that with a 62 strat I ended up buying. Magic.

Will Lefeurve

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Mar 1, 2016
Angleterre et France
Yeah.. great story.. just a little embellished by sweat soaking through the back of the guitar.. ha ha.. but great story all the same.

Steve Marriot was such a talented geezer. Terribly underrated guitarist, but undoubtedly one of the best rock singers every, and I was lucky enough to get to see him several times in small London venues. A bundle of energy, but a very humble man in many ways. I was gutted when I heard he'd died in a fire. I can still remember it coming over the news on the radio.

Still.. Steve lives on through his daughter Molly Marriot.. you ,must check her out.. she has the pipes! Great singer like her dad.

Got to end with this.. Tin Soldier, the song the dude mentioned. It brings back many memories, and has one the best into's ever. Still got the original 45 on vinyl too.. :thumb: