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Sep 3, 2020
Do what you gotta do Dadocaster. Life is all about balance. S-T can be a bit of a distraction, so taking some time off is perfectly understandable. Others have felt the same way lately it seems, and that's fine.

Have a good one.


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May 30, 2013
SE England
I need to get a bunch of them in a bunch of rows. Think I am going to make myself scarse here for a while. Having trouble focusing when ST is there for me to wast time rather than thinking and working on important stuff. Yall can find me if you need me. Laters, kids.

OK, Brad. Hope you get done what you need to get done. Now, don't let me see you lurking on FaceBook instead... :sneaky:


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Feb 20, 2018
Wiltshire UK
If we see you here mallarkying we will report you to the ST Police and you'll get knocked up in the dungeon with the other slackers, having said that we will supply you with a cheap guitar, a broken amp and a number of empty oil drums.
See ya soon Chap


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Sep 5, 2020
Altered States
I sure know what you mean. Whenever we have an Internet outage I get a bunch of work done.

i used to be in IT. When the computer or comms were down, everyone in the department just milled about, drank coffee, and socialized. Even if you weren't working on the computer before it went out.

IT fact of life.