Eastman acoustic

Guy Named Sue

Feb 11, 2015
Terra Incognita
How good are these guitars? Been keeping an eye on them, I know they're made in China and I tend to not buy acoustics made in China due to risk of low quality and different climate.

But I've got one on my radar that looks and sounds absolutely stunning for a good price. I don't know what to do.

Do they depreciate a lot of in value or hold their value?

This is a J45 replica but sounds more like a Martin if you ask me, Adirondack top and ebony board so it's much brighter than the Gibson. Supposedly nitro finished.

Dick Blackmore

Senior Stratmaster
Jan 10, 2017
Black Hole
You gotta play them.
I have been on this quest for awhile and I am coming to the conclusion that the best affordable acoustic is actually the Taylor Academy 12. I've played the Ovations, PRS, Seagull, Yamaha (bought a Transacoustic thought was the one but no), Alvarez, Cordoba, Walden... also the more expensive Taylor and Martins like the Martin 00015m and the Taylor 214ce and I keep coming back to the Taylor Academy 12. Good luck Ill be anxious to hear your end results. I have decided to find a used Taylor 314 or up or the Ovation Al Di Meola signature from the late 80's.

Mr Swisher

Nov 28, 2019
United Kingdom
So I haven't tried an acoustic. But do own an Eastman T64/V. Their version of a 330/Casino.

It's fantastic, quailty build, and acoustically so resonant that I keep it by my workstation to pick up and play unplugged throughout the day.

I haven't got a bad word to say about Eastman. You need to try one.

Value wise.. I think they are still under the radar and People assume China = low quailty. For that alone resale may not be great. But you will end up with a very high quailty guitar for seriously less than an equivalent Gibson.



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Mar 18, 2020
I’ve only read and heard absolutely great reviews of them. Very good quality supposedly, with great attention to detail. I think they are actually hand made in China, or at least they say so. I’ve never had a problem with a Chinese made guitar, and the CVs have made me a life long fan of Chinese guitars anyway. So I’d definitely grab one if I could :)

Cali Dude

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Aug 9, 2020
I have the Eastman E10 ssv. It is a great guitar for the money. I recommend trying before buying. Mine has a big round baseball bat neck. I have heard that some had thin necks. It has a great tone, and has that nice mahogany sound. It's maybe not as loud as some dreds, but is loud enough. Also, they are all solid wood construction. For under $1300, they are nice guitars for less than half the cost of a J-45.
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