Elite custom shop swap Abby Yabarra project done


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Oct 27, 2006
Upper Peninsula-Michigan
>I’m still very pleased with all the sounds<

Good deal, in the end that's ALL that matters.

Anyway, not to be a Debbie downer, but she didn't wind initialed pickups anyway. Just hype.............she happened to be at work that day, and "supervised" their "manufacture".

Regardless, The CS 69's do sound spectacular.



Feb 8, 2011
I hear so many stories
yes you were being a downer
But it’s all good

These were dated 08
My previous were from 10

I do know she trained a young
Lady. So supervising her protege is good enough for me.

But you know like you said at the end of the day the sound quality is what matters

I have a non Abby initialed set of cs69’s

I am
Going to put them
In a mij tonight I will
Do a sound comparison of all three sets
Two Abby and one regular cs69
To see if it’s hype or is there something to the mystique mojo
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Feb 8, 2011
Say what you will about the noiseless
They have a tone it’s just not that strat tone we are used to

I put a wired elite pickguard in a mim
Fsr ash it’s sounds great
I had to play with the pick up height once I did that it played splendidly