Dr. Stratster
Jul 13, 2015
Foothills of the Cascades
After careful consideration I have finally arrived at a decision over what my epitaph will be...

I'm Stuck
Go Around

The other choice I arrived at is...

Well This Sucks

Spouse preferred the first. Well, she threw her slipper at me over the second, so I took that to be a no vote. Then she asked me to return her slipper, which I did. She threw it at me again. Got me that time too. I don't think she appreciated the topic. I think the second is already in use anyway, though I'm being planted in the family plot in Saitama, Japan (her father invited me. I took it to be an honor) and my guess it'll be news to my family there.

I've taken her slippers away.

Anyway, anyone else got one?