Dr. Stratster
Okay, my original thoughts were to provide fun and excitement for some young physician in the making -
even asked a surgon once if he might tattoo some sort of ...

"hi there! how ya do'n?"
"nice to make your acquaintance! "​

...on my insides. just to make their day interesting (the scene outta one of the Dirty Harry movies where a medical examiner jokes with Harry about finding something written inside a skull, provided inspiration)...

But because I've been steadily eaten away by disease and lack certain pieces entirely, I'm told that I’m not the best teaching candidate.

I've come to learn that my father-in-law's offering a space in the family parking lot was really something significant. Because there won't be any sort of memorial thing (my request), spouse would like to bring the pile of gravel that was once moi and put it next to her father.

Traditionally I get a marker of some sort, and if they insist upon writing something, well, I'm cooking up something to write.

Butcher of Strats

Senior Stratmaster
Feb 28, 2022
One I recall seeing as a kid was on I believe a 1770s Revolutionary war grave stone.
Something like:

In Peace amidst the rage of noise and war.

As a kid it seemed gramatically odd (noise is a symptom or result, not a condition?) yet sort of comforting to think of death ultimately being at peace.