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Dec 2, 2015
Paris suburbs, France
Funny to see this.
Not really into the whole burial thing, but on a long car ride yesterday there was some discussion of whether it may be legal here, when the time comes, to be composted. (Yes..that's a thing).

Up till now choice hast been a quick cremation.

There are some in life who serve as a good example. Others, a dire warning. I've always been more in the latter category. So when I came across a phrase recently that cracks us both up, I mentioned that if I were to go the burial route that I'd like it to be my epitaph.

"The Dildo of Consequence is rarely lubricated." :D
I'm with you. I'd like to fertilize a newly planted tree. IMHO we dedicate way too much land to our dead, not enough to trees....

But some of these epitaphs are funny. 😄