Ever just feel lost?


Senior Stratmaster
Jan 23, 2022
Sinks Grove, WV
Ok, something to think about:

As much as you love reading, you never have to practice reading lol, right? I think your "lost" feeling might partly be a subconscious desire to feel the same ease when playing music as you enjoy when reading.

But your conscious mind knows the difference -- the obvious singular vs plural nature of both, and the way each activity rewards you emotionally.

Maybe a thing to try would be going back to playing something by yourself ---just like reading--- that is musically on par with a YA novel... something you don't have to practice, something you can play for pure joy! 😍

As much as you enjoy playing with the band, you really should enjoy playing by yourself too (not just practicing). I play guitar 99% of the time, but when I pretend to play bass even just jamming on something like that riff in the Doors "Don't You Love Her Madly" makes me smile.

No matter my scatter-shooting, I'm genuinely hoping your lost feeling turns to easy-peasy soon! ;)
Shoot, if I could play as easily as I read, I'd be on easy street. One of the few things I do very well.