Ever regret selling a Strat?


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Nov 14, 2013
If I have ever sold a guitar there was a reason. The ones I have now are the keepers, and price or country of origin has nothing to do with it.


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May 7, 2021
Yes. 1988 (Not entirely sure of the date, that is just when I bought it new, in Japan) MIJ Strat. I sold it back in 1992, regretted it ever since. It's the only guitar I have ever sold.


Sep 22, 2014
A 62’ that I traded an old Yamaha CM-30 (not sure model number) synth and some cash to the owner of the music store I worked. I begged him to sell me that guitar until he caved. The caveat was if I sold it, he would get ‘first right of refusal’. I sold it to him because I started to collect tiny little dependent mouths to feed and we were very poor. He told he years later he sold it at a NAMM show to Mark Knopfler for a bunch of money and had a picture of them smiling holding up the guitar. I suspect Mark traded it or sold it shortly after because I have never seen it listed in the equipment list on his site. I miss that guitar but I would rather have a strat (Warmoth) I had stolen out of my car during a load-out in 98’. That one still hurts. Adding insult to injury I saw that even the old synths are worth a fortune these day lol.

just saw that I have already replied this thread. I’m old and feeble and forgetful and old….
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Jul 31, 2018
No. I've sold 6 Strats that I can recall and never did so out of need for money and always knew why I was selling them. One was a parts-caster I put together and traded for a Tascam 80-8 8-channel reel to reel deck that I still have. A couple of years ago I finally sold my Ventures Model Strat 'cause I couldn't get the sounds I like out of the active pick-ups.. I got twice what I paid for that one which was nice. Another was a nice looking natural parts-caster I purchased wherein the neck was never in good sync with the body. The rest were Squier Strats I purchased circa 1982 when I couldn't believe you could get a Strat for $150-. I went for 3 of 'em and then realized the necks weren't cut as nice as my '79.


Sep 18, 2020
New Jersey USA
Yep, thats why I just got my latest one I parted ways with, back today!

1st Strat: ‘96 Am Std Oly White/maple
2nd. “ : ‘04 Am Std 3TSB/maple
3rd. “ : ‘18 Am Pro 3TSB/r’wood
4th. “ : ‘09 Am Std Sienna/maple

Did a trade last week, #3 for #4 plus cash at GC last Saturday.

Missed my #3, gave back #4, took#3 back home, and got my cash back. Couldn’t be happier! She’s going nowhere!!!
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Aug 9, 2021
2012 Classic 50s, Daphne Blue.
For some reason I went off the colour, sold it about 4 years ago. Now, I regret selling it. Very nice guitar, sounded great. And now, guess what?... I really like Daphne Blue Strats..... Duh!!!!!!!



Had a ‘97 CAR California Special with the swimming pool rout.
Also an AVRI ‘62 that was a great guitar.
I wasn’t done with Tele’s yet. Duh.
Now I am!