EVH dead at 65

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    When I was a freshman in college in '93 I had a roommate. Within the first week of living together we are talking music and he asked who my favorite guitarist was. I told him EVH. He started saying things like he's a showboat, always has to be in front of the camera smiling, I hate that guy, etc. I asked who his was and he told me The Edge. I started laughing at him. I told him that at least EVH didnt cover up his crappy skills with 100 effects pedals. Little did I know them was fighting words!We had a very heated discussion that went on for a few days. We would play each other clips off of CD's trying to one up each other.

    In the end he became a fan of EVH and me somewhat of a fan of The Edge. When we would go out to the bars and were having a good time, one of us would have a big comical smile and start air tapping a fretboard...and then the other would do it back. Kind of like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Anyway....something I thought about that I thought was funny and thought I would share
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    A surf buddy of mine shared this with me -- just a cool EVH tribute board somebody did: