Fender American Neck on WD Music Body.


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Sep 6, 2022
Hi all, has anyone had any experience of fixing an American strat neck onto a WD Music strat body?

Is it a big job or does everything pretty much line up? Obvs the pro 2 Am neck has the trapezium hole configuration rather than usual rectangle, but would that just mean drilling an extra hole?

I love the body of my strat (swampash with lovely varnish) but want to do it justice with a premium neck (and a few other additions)


Dec 22, 2021
3 of the 4 line up I just did this with a newer ultra 2 neck on a early 00's standard strat body..

With the neckplate on thread 3 of the 4 screws see how the neck lines up use some old E strings to line up the neck to the bridge adjust the neck fitment if necessary. Once your satisfied use a transfer punch to mark the neck. Use a clamp and a drill press or if you trust your power drilling skills go that route.

Use a 1/8th or 3.175mm drill bit and use some tape to mark off the depth on the bit as you don't want to drill through the fretboard of your new neck.

don't be like this fella.


fairly easy measure/drill/mount/set up/ enjoy

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