Fender S1 switch - does octave effect up the neck! Love it!


Mar 13, 2017
Yardley, PA USA
Wow, I have to try that! Is that a Vintera 50s modified Tele? That’s what I have (in Daphne blue) so really curious! On my Tele the S-1 is supposed to put the pickups out of phase and you look like you have both pups on in position 2. Not home right now but I will try this later!

Papa Che

Mar 25, 2017
Yes it’s the Vintera 50’s Modified with CS Twisted neck and Broadcaster bridge pickups.

For S1 to work one needs both pickups. On my Vintera there are 3 positions for both pickups. 2nd position is in parallel but also slightly effected by some thin character. 4th position is the in series. The 3rd (and my favourite) switch position is notched between the 2nd and 3rd! It’s criminal that Fender keeps this one a secret as it sounds so full and open and airy. It’s also in parallel but somehow very open and really dynamic. That was the position in the video but it works on any of the “both pickup” positions.