First proper strat upgrade/mod


Jan 28, 2023
So I completed my first upgrade on my SSS Player strat that required more commitment than replacing string trees and plastics last night and now have a Tom deLonge inspired strat which takes me back to when I was in high school in the late 90's!

I say inspired as I used an Invader neck humbucker instead of the usual bridge as I only noodle around on my Mustang LT25 or Micro so wanted to keep tone and avoid muddyness. It's also hooked up to a 500k CTS push-pull which gives me standard series and parallel humbucker wiring. Given the simplicity of the setup it was a nice mod to cut my teeth on but I still don't want to touch the soldering iron again for a bit!

Loving it so far as the humbucker has so much depth and there is plenty of sweet tone too! Have also noticed the sustain has increased too, guessing that is the result of only having magnets pulling on the string in one location.

It's not the most punk rock look but this mod was only intended to be a bit of fun tinkering and to let me evaluate if I actually like a H Strat enough to have a dedicated guitar for it.

Thanks for looking,