GASing for BASS


Jul 27, 2012


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May 26, 2013
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Dec 2, 2015
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I picked up bass a long time ago when we had three guitar players and no bass. Turned out I liked it very much, and really like my Bronco. As a smaller person, I can't do the bigger basses. Another nice -affordable - short scale bass from Fender:
I wish they came in cooler colors... I know, I know, but aesthetics matter...Maybe w/ different pickguards, but still...


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Apr 9, 2015
I picked up a 1980 Ibanez Blazer Bass. Got it for $200 on CL. Turns out these are highly respected. A lot of comparisons to Fender Basses of the same time period. Mine is the BL-700. They pop up online at GC and Musicgoround. May be worth doing a search.



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Mar 17, 2014
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Don't know what the used market is like in Serbia, but I would look for a used Squier Classic Vibe jazz. If you can find one an older Squier PJ, I think they called them precision specials.

The used CV can be found here for under $300 USD. The Squier PJ are a little more expensive and people seem to know what they have and hold on to them.

Also agree that a bass player is always more in demand than guitar players.


Feb 21, 2013
PJ is awesome. I got a J tweaked into my 1978 P bass. I also have one of those Squier Jaguar Bass Specials with PJ with the 9 volt batt in the back, heck of a nice instrument for the price. I ended up pulling swapping the neck on it for a fretless J. I still want to get one of those short scale mustangs with the PJ, now that looks like fun.

I second this. The Squier Jaguar bass special. I was wanting an inexpensive bass to fool around on and my bass player brother recommended me trying those out. He said if I didn’t like it he’d buy it, as he’d been eyeing and playing them out in the shops and he was seriously thinking about getting one. Well I’ve decided he’s not getting mine. It’s a great bass for around $250 U.S. and it’s one the best musical purchases I’ve made. I was going to eventually move up to maybe a Fender standard bass but after playing a few recently I didn’t find them to be all that much better than the Squier, especially at my current skill level on a bass. Bottom line I think it’s a great bass to start out on for not a lot cash.