Gig Ideas (The neighborhood "social")


Feb 8, 2017
Harpers Ferry WV
As a amateur gigging musician, we're always looking for the next place to play. We recently found a cool little establishment that was converted from an old 1920's hardware store--super cool but the vast majority of people here are either unaware/oblivious of it. The place has a selection of alcohol-non-alcohol beverages, sandwiches, cheese/fruit boards etc.

Speaking with the owner, we told him we'd play on the house to help him out and generate some awareness (of course free libations are included). After throwing around ideas, we've decided to set up a neighborhood "Social" on the day of the gig at his place. Since our neighborhood has it's own FB page, I'm planning to use it along with old fashioned zone posting for the event date and details. With nearly 280 units in our development, if we get 20-30 people out it will be a success. We're 10 days out from the gig....hope to report good news.

Has anyone tried this kind of approach? Did it work?

Thrup'ny Bit

Grand Master Curmudgeon
May 21, 2010
Some bandmates and I once played a Nepalese curry house on opening night. It went ok, drew a few people in and the free meal was excellent.